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   Chapter 19 The Painful Truth

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Updated: 2018-01-15 20:22

Olivia sat in front of her dresser, her eyes fixed on her reflection in the mirror, but her thoughts were seven years in the past. Why couldn't she fight him? Why didn't she push him off? She wondered again and again why he had chosen her. Why must she be the one to endure this nightmare?

Screaming from down the hall gave her a chance to distract herself. She hurried out the door and rushed down towards her father's bedroom, but she came to a halt as she saw Nicholas stepping out of his room decidedly. She raised her eyebrows enquiring the reason he was out of his room so late at night. He simply stretched his hand down the hall, inviting her to continue her trek. She let out a small smile. She continued slowly, the sound of his footsteps behind her made her feel safe.

As she arrived to her father's, she found the door wide open and her heart stopped. She lifted her hand, signaling Nicholas to stop behind the wall unseen. Bradford smiled contented to have her right where he wanted.

"What did you do to him?" she asked firmly pushing her fears away.

"I simply gave him his anecdote."

Olivia turned to look at his father. He was in a deep slumber. Perhaps too deep. She saw the empty bottle on the nightstand. She rushed to his side. "Father? You gave him the whole bottle?"

Bradford shrugged. "He'll sleep through the night, isn't that what they're for?"

"Yes but a few drops. Too much of it, he could die, " she replied standing firmly.

"Enough about the old man, I've been wanting to speak to you for a quite a long time."

"Hush, not in front of my father—"

"Your father is sound asleep and he won't hear a single word, " he retorted.

Olivia stepped back in fear, but at the sight of Nicholas standing tall in the doorway witnessing their encounter, she found strength.

"You must leave me alone, " she replied. "You got what you wanted years ago."

"I'm offended, " he replied dejectedly.

"Now please, " she continued. "You must let me be."

Bradford watched her, as if he was hurt. "I won't leave you, Olivia."



"Yes I do, " he replied.

Olivia managed to give him a weak smile. She wiped her tears before they hit her pillow. "I know it sounds terrible but, " she paused as more tears started to appear, she wiped them off irritated. "But I always wondered why from my sister and I, he picked my room to break into. Us being identical, he couldn't even tell us apart, and yet he broke into my room. I almost wished he had picked Mary instead of me. I am a terrible sister."

"No, " he replied rapidly. "You're not."

She didn't reply. She closed her eyes slowly, almost at peace, even though there was everything but peace in her mind. Nicholas leaned back in his chair and sighed. Olivia started to shake in her sleep, he brought a comforting hand to her shoulder, she stopped and shifted, then slept again undisturbed. She was having nightmares, just as he had them every night. He ran his fingers down her dark hair. He had never felt so close to anyone like he was with Olivia. As it turned out, they both shared their fair share of nightmares, and she needed him. Though he didn't admit this to himself, he needed her too.

A/N: Hello dear readers! I have accepted the NaNoWriMo challenge and my goal is to finish this Novel, let's see if that helps me get the motivation i need to update more often! Thank you all for the stars and comments! I love to hear from you guys!

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