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   Chapter 18 Her Scars

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"There, " said General Clark as he helped Nicholas with his tailcoat. He stood, with the help of a cane, beside Nicholas and turned towards the mirror. They both looked very handsome in their black suits. He turned to the side and failed to recognize himself. The last time he wore such formal clothing was three months ago for the celebration of the end of the war.

"What a handsome groom."

Nicholas turned and found Bradford standing against the wall, his arms folded across his chest. He had been with him and General Clark since he arrived. He offered his help any chance he got, mostly when it came to the finances of the wedding. Apparently, Bradford O'Brian was a rich man from New York, and he enjoyed flaunting it. Nicholas watched him carefully. There was something he disliked about him. Other than him being flirtations with his own niece, the way Olivia reacted to him every time she was in his presence, added to his worries.

"That is a nice suit you got Scott, it becomes you, " Bradford commented as he walked towards them.

"I must look my best to walk my daughter down the aisle."

"As you should. Helen would've been so proud of you."

General Clark got quiet and walked back to his wheelchair. His ambiance changed completely at the mention of his dear wife. Bradford grinned as if that was the sole purpose he brought his sister's memory to the conversation. He turned to Nicholas. "What say you Mr. Gregson? Are you excited to be married to one of the most beautiful girl in Boston?"

Nicholas simply nodded and turned back to the mirror. The less he spoke to Bradford and simply listened, the more he realized why he disliked him. Bradford was quick with a compliment. He was quick when it came to say something to elevate a person's ego. But they were shallow words uttered so he could be liked. His comments which seemed positive at first, at close inspection, Nicholas noticed they had a completely different meaning behind them. They were meant to elevate the person's ego, but also to bring them crashing against the ground.

"Nicholas, I have these cufflinks I want you to have for the wedding, " said General Clark. "I believe I gave them to Mary to look after."

Nicholas nodded. "That is very considerate of you."

"Well, I was saving them for my first son in law, I figured he should have something to remind him of his father in law."

"Ah yes, a reminder that the daughter is still being looked after, " added Bradford.

Nicholas faked a smile as he changed back to his own clothes. He excused himself to retrieve the cufflinks and stood in front of Mary's door. He stood still unable to comprehend why he was still going through with the wedding. He didn't love Mary, and he had a feeling he could never love her. If only instead of Mary, was Olivia. Then, believed Nicholas, would he feel differently. With a defeated sighed, he knocked on the do

. He started towards the door but Olivia pulled him back harshly and held him by his jacket.

"No, please, no one must know of this, please, " she begged.

"He can't get away with what he did to you."

"I agree, but I can't have my father know of it, I can't imagine what it would do to him, please Nicholas, please, no one must know, please." She leaned her head against his chest as she kept begging.

He lifted her face gently and made her look at him. "What can I do then? I want to help you, like you have helped me numerous of times."

Olivia thought about it. "Don't allow your sisters to be alone with him. Tell your mother to lock the door before they go to bed."

Nicholas felt touched by her concern towards his sisters, but he wished to do something to have that bastard pay. "Does no one know about this?" he asked in confusion. How could she have kept such painful secret tot herself for so long?

"The only one that knew was Jacob but only because he found me crying in my room the next morning."

Nicholas nodded now understanding when she had said that Jacob had known everything about her and still loved her. "We must tell the police—"

"No!" she exclaimed desperately. "No one must know, please promise me you won't tell, please!"

Nicholas felt conflicted, he wanted to help her, he wanted that excuse of a man to suffer the consequences from hurting a girl, but at the sight of Olivia breaking down with the thought of her past to come to light, he couldn't betray her. "I promise."

Olivia exhaled relieved. "Thank you, Nicholas. Thank you, " she said as she held his hands and brought them to her lips gratefully.

Nicholas didn't reply. He decided there and then, that he would not leave her side no matter what. He could tell Bradford was planning to do something to Olivia, his constant need to speak to Olivia was now very clear to him, and he wasn't about to let him touch her again.

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