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   Chapter 16 Uncle Bradford O'Brian

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"These are beautiful, aren't they, Nick?"

Nicholas nodded unaware of Mary's admiration of certain flower arrangements she wanted for their wedding. He couldn't stop thinking about Olivia. And he hadn't stopped thinking about her in the twenty four hours since their warm embrace in the hen house. He wondered what she was doing. Mary said she was preoccupied with her Spanish tutor who was testing her pupils all day. He wondered how she was doing in those exams. He smiled to himself, she was probably doing great; she was probably the best student in the class. Her Spanish was impeccable, if he said so himself.

"Nick? Hello?" He looked up at a flustered Mary. "Are you listening to anything that I'm saying?"

"Why yes, you want flowers."

"Of course I want flowers, which is why we're in the flower shop. What's the matter?"

"Nothing is the matter."

"Really? You seem like you are miles away from here."

Nicholas shrugged. How could he tell her he was thinking of her sister? He simply couldn't. "Right, I apologize. I'm a bit distracted."

"Is it because the wedding is two weeks away?"

Nicholas blinked in surprise. Two weeks already? Where was time going?

"You still haven't given me a list of the guests you wish to invite, " Mary said as she saw he was not going to reply.

"Oh, right. I supposed it skipped my mind." Truth was, Nicholas was really having doubts now. Was it cold feet? Was it regret for agreeing to it in the first place just to satisfy General Clark? Or perhaps it was the fact that whenever he had a second for his mind to wonder, it always wondered to Olivia Clark?

"You need to give me the list if you want anyone sitting on your side of the church. By the way, have you spoken to Pastor Andrews?"

"Yes I have, earlier today, " he replied confidently, even though their talk took place at the tailor's where General Clark took him to get his suit for the wedding. And Pastor Andrews was there to pick out some shoes. Nicholas apologized for his behavior and told him he'd be delighted to be married by such a man of God. Pastor Andrews smiled with the compliment, they shook hands then parted ways. All the talk about God he avoided because he was no longer convinced God was such a bad God after all. God sent him a human being so close to perfection like Olivia Clark, there was no way Nicholas could k

lchair and Olivia assisting him. Behind them, were Nicholas's mother and sisters.

"Bradford!" General Clark exclaimed genuinely pleased. "I'm so happy to see you!" Bradford smiled and leaned to give General Clark an embrace. Olivia stood tacitly behind him and seemed to be in shock.

"Ah!" Bradford sighed. "My Olivia, as beautiful as always." He tried to embrace her as well but she stepped back quickly.

"Welcome Uncle Bradford, how nice of you to join us, " she said a bit distantly. Perhaps Olivia wasn't as close to her uncle like Mary seemed to be. "I must go see how dinner is getting on." She attempted a smile but the anguish in her eyes gave her away. It left Nicholas disconcerted.

"Will you be staying with us, Uncle Bradford?" asked Mary after she finished introducing Nicholas' family.

Bradford gave her a nod. "If it's not too much of a bother."

"None sense!" exclaimed General Clark. "I am afraid, though, that one of you will have to share a room."

"Oh, I can do that, " replied Mrs. Gregson right away. "I do miss seeing my babies."

Jane and Josie smile in embarrassment, Nicholas thought it very sweet.

"Then it is settled, you will accompany us these next couple of weeks in preparation for the big wedding."

"It's hardly big, " replied Mary.

The conversation in the drawing room continued as everyone gave their account of their involvement in the planning. Everyone except Nicholas. Who kept wishing for Olivia to leave the kitchen and return to them. He had to admit he wanted to see her, almost as if he had missed her.

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