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   Chapter 15 The Hen House

Some Scars Never Fade By madairifa Characters: 4401

Updated: 2018-01-15 20:19

A faint light caught Olivia's attention as she left her father's room. It flickered from the hen house, almost unnoticeable.

Fear crept inside her as she watched the windows come alive with the red glow. She grabbed her coat and fastened it with trembling hands. An intruder, she thought, or worse, Dereck was waiting for her. The thought ludicrous but she couldn't dismiss it. She walked out, the night cool and under other circumstances, she would've enjoyed it.

The usual trail she took every morning to feed her hens seemed eternal. At last, she approached the doors and exhaled sharply, she had forgotten to get a candle for herself, now she wished she had one. She opened the door slightly enough for her to go through. The light came from the other side of the building. She walked slowly, her hens undisturbed, perhaps that was a good sign.

She grabbed a shovel, heavy in her hands. She took a few steps forward then stopped at the sound of the chickens recoiling. Should she call out to whomever was in there, or should she surprise them with her weapon? But the mysterious guest surprised her first.

The light from an oil lamp blinded her for a second. "Hey, are you alright?"

"Nicholas?" she shut her eyes and opened them again. "Oh thank God, I was afraid you were an intruder." She placed the

p, she saw him. His gallant demeanor, his beautiful soul. She let go of his hand and very slowly as if not wanting to startle him, she reached for his handsome face. Her fingertips traced his damaged skin, down his lip. His skin warm on her cold fingertips.

He grabbed her hand desperately, making her jump. He closed his eyes as he tightened his grip on her hand and enjoyed her touch on his face, as if it had been a while since anyone has held his face in such way.

Olivia wanted nothing but to take his pain away. She wanted to protect him, and she wanted to hold him. In one swift motion, she wrapped her arms around him, he didn't seem to hesitate, he placed his head on the nook of her neck, the tall man seemed small in her arms. He took a few rugged breaths. She ran her fingers through his hair comfortingly. She didn't consider letting go of him, not tonight.

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