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   Chapter 14 Pain and Destruction

Some Scars Never Fade By madairifa Characters: 2555

Updated: 2018-01-15 20:19

Nicholas sat at the edge of his bed, his arms resting on his knees, he took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes roughly, his headache would not subside. Flashes of light kept intruding his mind. The sound of firing bayonets and bombshells over his head made him unaware of the silent night outside of his head. Unable to stand it for much longer, he stood and grabbed a candle from the night stand, he ignited it and stared at the flame. Images of men in grey uniforms, others in blue, bleeding on the dirty ground, some of them screaming from pain, others stagnant being trampled on by his comrades.

The sight will never leave his mind. It was forever engraved in his memories. After every battle he was in, the scene on the battlefield was the same, no matter the

shoulders. She smiled weakly. "I hope Mary loves you right. Because you deserve to be loved by a beautiful woman."

Nicholas looked down shyly bringing his hand up to his scar.

"You remind me so much of your father, " his mother said.

He shrugged. She always said that whenever they were alone, and he always failed to see the similarities between him and his father. His father was a great man, a man of honor, something Nicholas aimed to be when he joined the Union, but he failed at that as well.

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