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   Chapter 12 Dinner Interrupted

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"Why did you invite him?" asked Olivia as she and her sister are peeking out the window watching the carriage discarding its passengers. The tall man, who some women might refer as handsome, stepped out with his head held high and his criticizing eyes scanned their farm as if it would stain his skin by simply looking at it.

"I didn't invite him. I invited Aunt Lucy, she must've wanted his company, " Mary replied quickly. "Perhaps he's a changed man?"

Olivia shook her head and pulled away from the window. "Perhaps he has. Perhaps he has remembered he is not better than anyone and that his ideals as far as slavery is ludicrous and wrong."

"Don't you dare make a scene, " Mary threatened.

"A scene? When have I ever made a scene?"

"Last time we saw him, four years ago."

Olivia didn't reply. Their cousin came for dinner and spoke nothing but hatred for the new elected president. He was being an ignorant fool and Olivia didn't think twice to inform him. "Well as long as he behaves himself, then so will I, " she replied firmly.

"I don't know, he survived the war, that's bound to change his heart."

Olivia pulled the curtain to the side slightly and watched as Dereck and his mother are being led inside. She hoped he had changed for the sake of their father and Nicholas' as well.

"Aunt Lucy hello!" Mary said as they embraced. "I didn't know you were arriving so early before my wedding."

Aunt Lucy, a small, thin lady with a soft voice replied, "I figured you needed help planning it."

"Yes well, Mrs. Gregson is being very helpful, but I thank you, " she added rapidly as she started seeing her aunt's eyes drop. "A girl can never have too much help when planning her wedding."

As Mary introduced her fiancé to her aunt, she watched Nicholas kissing her hand politely. Olivia smiled.

"Olivia, how are you?" Aunt Lucy is watching her with her small brown eyes. "I'm well thank you, " she gave her aunt a hug and as they pulled away, she gazed in her eyes seeing all the pain she went through in the past four years.

"I heard you lost your beau, I'm so deeply hurt for you. I too know what is like to lose someone you love."

Olivia nodded unable to find an appropriate reply. "Thank you, Aunt."

"How's my sister?" asked their father as Maggie wheeled him inside the drawing room. Olivia smiled to herself. Her father looked so handsome dressed in a very elegant suit, and he did it especially to greet his sister. Olivia noticed Dereck stood behind his mother silently, he simply watched everyone as they spoke their pleasantries. Olivia wanted to give Dereck a second chance. They hadn't seen each other since before the war, and she was assured by her sister that war changed even the most stubborn minds.

"Hello cousin

avery might have been the South's main source of income, but it does not change the fact that it was cruel and unethical. It had to come to an end."

"Please, don't tell me that you're in favor for Negro equality as well."

"And why not? What makes us better than them? What have they done to deserve such appalling treatment?"

"They shouldn't have come to this country if they wanted to be treated differently."

"You make it sound as if they chose to leave their native country behind in shackles and travel in very dire conditions across the Atlantic Ocean."

"General Clark?" He replied ignoring Olivia's reply. "How are you feeling? How are you surviving without legs?"

"Dereck!" Aunt Lucy hissed.

"Do you feel like the hero the Union claimed you to be? How about you, Mr. Gregson? Is that scar reward enough for killing your compatriots?"

"That is enough!" Olivia stood firmly and faced her cousin. "You must leave this instant."

"I am expressing my opinion, " he replied nonchalantly.

Olivia wanted nothing but to slap him across his face. "Your opinion is not welcomed here."

He looked around the table as if searching for someone to defend him, but the guests sat tacitly avoiding his gaze. "I see, " he said as he stood on his feet. "Mother."

Aunt Lucy stood sheepishly without saying a word.

"You're welcomed to stay, " said General Clark.

Aunt Lucy looked up and at the sight of her son disappearing from the dinner room she whispered rapidly, "Forgive him, he hasn't been himself since his father died."

Olivia thought he was exactly as he was before the war, stubborn and pretentious.

"But I must go with him." And without another word, she leaves the table as the rest of the dinner party sat quietly not knowing what to do or say to improve the sullen atmosphere Dereck Harrison left behind.

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