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   Chapter 10 Beautiful Boston

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Boston was a fantastic town. Nicholas hadn't seen anything like it. Jane and Josie alongside Mary, giggled gaily as they perused the windows of the stores, it almost seemed as if it was their first time shopping. Mrs. Gregson held her son's arm and they walked down the streets calmly.

"Beautiful place, don't you agree, Nicholas?" she said with a smile on her face.

"It is, but I can't help missing Sacramento."

"Sure, sure, " replied she. "The heat, the dust, the cowboys, what is not to miss?"

Nicholas chuckled. "Everything here seem so new, all the tall buildings, the roads, I quite like it."

"Of course, though Sacramento does have its wonders, Boston does not compare."

"Mother come see!" came Jane excitedly. "There are dresses that I absolutely adore, come see!"

Mrs. Gregson gave his son a weak smile as Jane tugged on her arm. Mary approached him and looped her arms around his. "Your sisters are so much fun. I always wished I had younger siblings."

"You and your sister seem very close, " he commented.

"We are twins, we have no other choice. We are each other's best friends, confidantes, and nothing in this world will ever change that. But having other siblings must be fun. Is it fun?"

"It can be at times."

"Of course, you only have sisters. If they were boys, you would have a different op

e become of her and his sisters if he lost his life in the war? Even thinking about it, scared him. Olivia was right, he should be thankful.

"What are you thinking about Nick?"

Mary smiled at him bringing him back to the present. "Nothing really."

"Listen, I'm making the guest list for the wedding. You have to tell me who you will be inviting."


"It'll be a small wedding, of course. Luckily, my family is small. An uncle and three aunts and my cousins. How about you?"

"I don't know, I have to think about it." In fact, he haven't thought anything about the wedding at all. He was hoping he could avoid the conversation, at least after their first week in Boston.

"Of course, you just let me know, when you're ready. So I can start sending out the invitations."

Nicholas nodded and looked down at the ground, just when he thought he was having a good time.

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