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   Chapter 9 Miracles

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"Wait, is it supposed to look like this?" Olivia lifted the plucked chicken showing Maggie the cluttered sutures on its breast.

Maggie laughed and wiped her hands on her apron. "Don't you know how to sew Miss?"

Olivia looked down at the chicken knowing very well how terrible the stitches looked. "I do, but I did not expect it to be so difficult when it's not on fabric."

Maggie grabbed the chicken as she sat beside her, grabbed a knife and slit the chicken's leg. "You hold the needle strongly and pierce the skin, then you make a simple pattern. Be it Xs or line stitches, see?"

But Olivia did not see, Maggie was too fast for her amateur eyes. "Was it difficult treating all those wounded soldiers?"

"At first. But then I realize I was helping them, it kept me motivated."

Olivia nodded. Maggie was but twenty years of age, but she was someone Olivia really admired. She was born into slavery in Virginia. She managed to escape and arrived to Massachusetts where she was employed by her father. She never spoke of her life before she came to Boston, and Olivia respected it, but often she wondered what happened to her family and how did a fifteen year old slave managed to travel so far on her own.

"That's admirable, " Olivia said quietly.

Maggie smiled unsure how to reply, she wasn't used to compliments. "It's dark out already, you must go to bed Miss."

"But I haven't cured this patient!"

Maggie laughed. "We were not supposed to sow any wounds, we were to clean them and tend their injuries but doctors were unavailable, they were with the white soldiers, so we were forced to learn the basics."

"Oh my God, I am so sorry. I didn't know you were—" but Olivia interrupted herself. She didn't want to speak wrongly.

"It's alright Miss, I learned so much and I met so many interesting people. Despite the horrors I saw, I would do it all again, no questions asked."

Nicholas walked into the kitchen slowly as if he was tr

way from me."

"But when we received the telegram of my father's return, I felt my faith restored. It was like a miracle that he returned to us, despite the condition he was in. There was something good after all. I just wanted to tell you that we all had our doubts. My father, Mary, everyone started doubting the goodness in this world. But my father is here with us, and I am thankful for that." She took a deep breath fearing that her point was not being made. "There are wonderful things in this world, I know it; you don't see them now, which is understandable, but know that God hasn't abandoned nor forgotten about you. I assure you that just the way I felt when my father returned to us, is the same way your mother and your sisters felt when you retuned to them. You are their miracle."

Olivia watched Nicholas once she finished. She didn't know what he was thinking, his face was very hard to read, he looked down at the floor in deep thought. Olivia brushed a tear from her cheek before he even noticed it.

"I must take this to your sister, " is all he replied.

Olivia watched him agog. Did he really not have anything to say? Did she make him angry? She looked down at the floor feeling foolish. Perhaps Mary was right, she really had no say in the matter, she must remember her place.

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