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   Chapter 7 God's Mercy

Some Scars Never Fade By madairifa Characters: 7208

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The piano music did very little to change Nicholas' temper. He sat in between his mother and Jane who seemed undisturbed as the choir sang a slow worship song. He looked to his left and found a boy, barely four years of age, staring at his face. He brought his hand up wishing for the service to be over so he could go back to the commodity of the guest room, lock himself and lay in bed until the pain he felt would just leave him alone. Last time he went to a church, it was in May, there was an announcement of the end of the war and everyone attended church that Sunday to worship God and thank him for his mercy.

As the pastor praised God and spoke about his greatness, Nicholas, who had arrived six months before, and his face was still under bandages, couldn't help but feel anger towards the lies the Pastor kept telling the congregation. If He was so great, where was he as the country divided itself and killed each other ruthlessly?

"We are an example of Christ's love, we have to let everyone out there know as we worship our Lord Jesus Christ!" the Pastor said excitedly as the filled church replied in an Amen.

All that noise made him irritable. At least his sisters seem to enjoy the service. They smiled and joined the cacophony. But he couldn't take the hypocrisy anymore. Wherever he looked he found someone staring at his face, he felt judged, he felt like a monster. General Clark and his family sat on the bench before them and wondered if he would notice if he stepped out for a few minutes. With a silly excuse to his mother, he walked out the church building taking advantage that the congregation were invited to sing a hymn together.

The warm day welcomed him and he took a deep breath. He stepped down a few steps and for a split second he pondered leaving. He walked slowly to the side of the church and came to a halt as he spotted Mary sitting on the wooden bench looking out the countryside.

He took a deep breath and decided to approach his future wife. "May I join you?"

Mary turned startled and stood rapidly, "Nicholas! Of course!"

He felt a pang of disappointment as he realized that Olivia is the one tha

this killing, mothers lost their sons, and children lost their fathers, almost as if God himself takes enjoyment in his people's suffering."

Pastor Andrews watched him in silence as if thinking of a reply. "I see you are having doubts of our Lord savior."

"Pardon me Pastor if I'm intruding, but after what Mr. Gregson went through, after what he saw out in the trenches, you surely cannot blame him for having questions." Olivia added surprising the spectators. "No offense but you yourself did not fight for the Union so you may say how great our God is but you have not seen the suffering that our soldiers had to go through. You remember my father had doubts as well?"

"Of course I remember Miss Clark. I advised him in the matter myself. Mr. Gregson, I would love to speak with you privately, I would like to try to answer all your questions as best as I can."

Nicholas nodded surprised to his reply, he wasn't expecting the pastor to act so civilized. Perhaps it was for the presence of the ladies. "Yes, I would like that very much."

"Great!" came Mary's voice. "Now we must go, thank you for your time Pastor Andrews."

She dragged Nicholas towards the coach and said in a low voice, "I can't believe Olivia would do such a thing. She must know her place."

Nicholas did not reply, he turned towards Olivia who sat beside his sisters engaged in an avid conversation. He found a new found respect for the woman.

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