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   Chapter 6 Apologies

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Nicholas walked around the Clark's family farm slowly as Mary held on to his left arm. Nicholas tried to distract himself by watching the animals being attended by the hired farmers but his thoughts kept returning to his scar. Last night made him very uneasy, just when he thought he could live with the scar on his face without it bothering him anymore, one small event reminded him that his face was now tarnished by war. Unable to relax and live in the moment, Nicholas kept wanting to hide his face in any way possible.

"I hope my father didn't wake you, " Mary lastly said breaking the silence.

"No, not at all."

"I hope your sisters weren't too afraid."

"Your sister spoke to them, they are doing much better now." Mary went quiet again. Nicholas wondered if this would be the right time to speak to her about his own nightmares. "Your sister showed some impressive nursing skills last night, " he said instead.

Mary nodded. "She is the only one that attends to him, she's the only one that can stand him."

"You can't stand him?"

Mary came to a halt and watched him as if she was offended. "It's not that at all. My father is not the same since he got back from the war. He's angry and sometimes he is so glum that I find myself avoiding him."

"He's different? That's what witnessing the death of thousands of soldiers can do to you."

"Of course. I know I sound a bit uncouth. It is very painful to see my father go through all this. It is more like I am unable to stay strong for him. It came naturally to Olivia, but I find it extremely difficult to cope with all this. You understand, don't you?"

Nicholas turned to Mary and watched her beautiful eyes, he supposed he did. "I should tell you about how much I've changed since coming back from the war as well."

Mary turned away firmly and started to take slow steps forward. "I don't need to know them now. Let's just enjoy this beautiful day."

Nicholas nodded and sighed in relief, it was better for him if they didn't discuss it at all. He caught up to her and she smiled back at him, for a moment, Nicholas believed he could marry someone like Mary. She seemed to be genuine as she confirmed her sister's words. She was not prepared to deal with his "issues".

"Look there!" Mary interrupted his thoughts. "Father is out today! That is such a rarity!" she seemed surprise by the sight and it brought a smile to Nicholas' face. He followed her towards what it seemed a barn.

General Clark sat in his wheelchair watching the farm slowly coming to life. The sun shining bright in the horizon, Nicholas did not want to interrupt him. Mary gave her father a tender kiss on the cheek, General Clark did not respond.

"Good morning fath

tempting to save their fellow colleagues' lives?

"You're a hero, " she said interrupting his thoughts.

"A hero?" he scoffed.

"You haven't heard that before? You're a war hero."

"Your father is a war hero. I'm just a murderer."

Olivia came to a halt and held his arm tightly making him stop. "You don't really believe that, do you?"

He refused to turn to her as he replied, "I do."

"You fought for a good cause, " she replied passionately.

"I butchered my compatriots. I saw brothers killing each other and for what purpose?"

"For what purpose?" she asked in disbelief. "For freedom for everyone in this country."

Nicholas felt his head pounding, he felt as if his breath was taken away from him, he brought his hand up to his scar, it was as if he could feel the pain from the wound. "May we please stop discussing the matter?"

Olivia nodded rapidly. "Of course, " she replied quietly.

Nicholas turned and found her looking down at her hands ashamedly. He now realized he must've sounded harsh. "Forgive me I just can't speak about—"

"No please, " she interrupted. "I understand, I should've known better."

They continued their walk awkwardly not knowing how to start a new subject of conversation.

"What did you think of the farm?" he heard her ask randomly. He let out a laugh at her sweet attempt to soften the mood. She joined him.

"It's a beautiful farm, " he replied.

"Father takes great pride of this farm. The butchers love our pigs, they are the fattest in Boston."

"Is that so?"

She nodded. "You should go see them one of these days, they are beautiful pigs."

Nicholas laughed at her response, their return to the Clark residence was a joyful journey and without him realizing it, his scar no longer defined him as he laughed with Miss Olivia Clark.

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