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   Chapter 5 Night Terrors

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Olivia could feel her eyes close as she sat on her bed attempting to read a book. She can't quite got to sleep yet, it was three in the morning, it could happen any minute now. She preferred to stay awake until everything was settled and she knew he was better for the rest of the night. She stood and wrapped her robe around her and stood by the door, her ears listening expectantly for any sound coming from the room down the hall.

Then she heard it.

A loud scream full of terror and despair pierced the night. Olivia rushed out and opened the door to her father's room and found him trying to crawl on the floor.

"Father, it's alright, let's get you back to bed."

He didn't seem to have heard her. "Helen!" he screamed repeatedly.

"She'll be back but she can't find you on the floor, " she explained calmly as she wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled him up like she had every night since his return, the practice helped find a way to do it easily and rapidly. The first time she had to help him to his bed, he managed to pull her down on the floor with him, he was too heavy for her and it took her half an hour to get him on the bed. She could now manage to get him on his bed in minutes and settle him in.

"I need to see Helen? Where's Helen?"

Olivia grabbed a small bottle from his night stand and added a few drops of it in a glass of water. He carefully handed it to him. "Drink this, father."

He looked up at her and his eyes brightened. "Helen, where have you been? How are the girls?"

Olivia smiled and caressed his forehead. "They're sleeping."

"I didn't wake them, did I?" he asked worriedly.

"No, they are sound asleep, now drink this, or I'll have to make you drink it, " she replied teasingly making him laugh.

He started to relax and he was so exhausted he drifted off into an easy sleep. Olivia sat with him for a few minutes watching him making sure he will stay asleep. She rubbed her eyes tiredly and sighed deeply. She wondered if her father will ever be able to sleep without having any nightmares at all. Will he be able to stop having such horrible flashbacks?

She stood quietly and exited his room, she closed the door slowly not wanting to wake him up again.

"Who is Helen?"

Olivia jumped startled and found Nicholas leaning against the wall. "Forgive me, I heard the screaming." He explained rapidly.

Olivia nodded and said, "Helen was my mother."

They started walking slowly towards their rooms side by side as he asked, "Is this what you're speaking of about his traumas?"

"Yes. They have quietened a bit, they used to be a lot worse."

"I noticed you were the only one to come to his aid."

"My father tends to get violent with the servants, they fear him."

"What about your sister?"

"Last time she tried to help, she stood in the corner and cried. She wasn't very useful."

They stopped in front of her door, she turned to look at him and smiled. He responded by putting a hand up on his cheek and turning away. "What happened to your mother?


Olivia took a deep breath and replied, "She died giving birth to us. We must look very alike, he always calls me Helen when he has these...outbursts."

"He must really miss her."

"She was everything to him. His eyes light up every time she speaks of her, it's quite sweet."

He nodded and shifted awkwardly. Olivia feared he still had a sour impression of her since their last conversation. "How are you settling? You can't sleep either?"

"No...well, I find it very difficult, " he replied as he looked up at her face for a second and quickly looked down.

Olivia wished he could relax, they were going to become of the same family; he had to leave his shyness behind at some point. "Would you like some of my father's drops?"

"I don't think that's appropriate—"

"It's a sedative that the doctor prescribed him so he could sleep better at night. It's nothing too risky, I can give you some if you like." she interrupted.

He looked around him uncertain but when he turned his attention back to her, she could tell he hasn't slept well in days. Why did she not notice his drained face? His skin was so pallid that made the circles under his eyes so visible, and it aged him considerably. He gave her a slight nod that if she wasn't watching him so intently, she wouldn't have noticed it.

"Alright, it's in the kitchen, " she whispered as she started leading the way without the need of light of a candle, he followed close behind her careful not to stumble on her.

They arrived at the kitchen and he helped her light up a lamp. She pulled out a small bench from underneath the table and stepped on it trying to reach for the highest cupboard. She grabbed a glass and filled it with water. "It must go in water or you won't be able to wake up in the morning." He let out a soft chuckle. She turned to him surprised that she had achieved a smile from him and it was quite lovely.

As he took the glass from her hand and drank slowly, Olivia had a chance to study his face, now that it was too dark for him to notice. It was a horrid scar. Her father had plenty of them all over his body, Olivia couldn't imagine what it was like to have it somewhere that could not be so easily concealed. It seemed like it was a very deep scar, it cut off part of his lip and it seemed like part of his cheek as well.

His eyes met hers and she quickly looked down to look at the very interesting table, he pulled his hand up to his face and took a step back.

"Forgive me, I didn't mean to stare, " she added quickly fearing that he would now despise her.

He shook his head. "It's alright."

"No it's not!" she said fervently. "You are a guest in our house and all I have done is make you feel ill at ease. I apologize profusely."

He simply nodded without turning to her. "It's quite alright. I thank you for the tonic." And without another word, he left the kitchen leaving her very ashamed of herself. She was creating such a disarray with her future brother in law, she felt awful. How was she going to mend everything?

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