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   Chapter 4 Olivia Has Doubts

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Updated: 2018-01-15 20:13

Oliva sat on the edge of the bed as she watched her sister brushing her hair at her dressing table. "Do you think it wise?" she asked after a few minutes.

Mary didn't stop brushing her hair and replied, "What?"

"Marrying a man you barely know?"

Mary turned in her chair and gave her a disapproving look. "Don't tell me you did not like him."

"I did, he seems nice. It's just, you seem to want to rush into this without even bothering to get to know the man better."

"Father likes him, shouldn't that be enough?"

"Maybe." Olivia shifted on the bed and took a deep breath before starting. How was she going to approach the subject without sounding insolent? "You know how father started getting those dreams when he got back?"

"I do, " Mary replied lowly.

"Well, Mr. Clark also went to war, and perhaps he has come back with some problems like father did. Do you think you'll be prepared to stand by his side when these problems emerge?"

"He doesn't have father's issues, I am sure of it."

"Are you? Because you've only known the man for two weeks."

Mary went quiet and stared at the floor. "Olivia, I am tired of being alone."

Olivia blinked at her sister's sudden confession.

Mary continued, "I can't stand this place much longer. I want to be with a man, I want to be touched, I want to be loved, I want to experience what a man and a woman are destined to do. I want it so very badly. You have been loved before, so you know what is like, but I have not and I am tired of it." She paused gathering her thoughts. Olivia waited patiently. "He's a gentleman, I can tell he is very strong and I'm sure he would be very handsome if it weren't for that ghastly scar. I just feel like he is going to be my happiness, I feel it in my soul. You understand, don't you?"

Olivia nodded not knowing what to reply. Mary never did handle their father's condition so well, she's always wanted to run away. "I do. I understand." She approached her sister and knelt by her side. "Just promise me you'll speak to him about this. He could be dangerous and you don't know it yet, if he does have problems you have to know before it's too late."

Mary gave her a smile and covered her hand with hers. "I promise." There was a knock on the door. "Come in, " Mary called out.

Nicholas appeared from behind it and Olivia stood on her feet immediately. Did he listen to their conversation? By the way he kept looking at the floor and back at Mary, avoiding her, it made her fear that he did.

"I apologize, but I wish to speak to Mary, " he said shyly.

"Sure, excuse me." She stepped out the room and stood behind the door feeling very embarrassed. He did hear her comments, she knew he did. She walked towards her room which was across the hall, feeling foolish. She sat in f

ront of her dresser and started braiding her hair, her thoughts revisiting Nicholas reaction. He seemed so ashamed, even hurt. Why couldn't she shut her mouth and keep her concerns to herself? If it wasn't Nicholas, it could've been one of his sisters, or even his mother who could've overheard their conversation. She ran her hand down her hair trying to tame her thick hair. She decided to explain herself to Nicholas, she didn't want him to think she was hateful. She peaked her head out the door and rapidly disappeared behind it. Nicholas was in her sister's doorway as Mary wrapped her arms around his neck, Olivia hoped she didn't interrupt them.

She could hear them whisper but she couldn't quite understand them, which made her click her tongue in frustration. The sound of the door closing encouraged her to come out.

She froze as she found Nicholas standing forehead against the wall, as if he was full of remorse. She watched him quietly craving to know what was going through his mind. Something brought his attention behind him and found her watching him.

Olivia straightened and rapidly started, "I don't know if you heard part of our conversation but—"

"I did, " he replied firmly.

This made Olivia nervous. "I'm not going to apologize for what I said, I meant every word. I would like to explain myself though. When my father returned, he returned with severe emotional traumas. He has these outbursts and it breaks my sister down." She paused wanting to see if he wished to reply but he just watched her listening to her attentively. "I don't think she's strong enough to deal with situations like that for the rest of her life." There, she said it.

He didn't seem like he was going to reply, he simply stood there, his face turned the other way as if wanting to hide his face. "Miss. Olivia, I assure you I—"

"Please, you don't need to tell me anything. I just want you to know that it's nothing against you, I just wish that if there is something my sister must know, that you will tell her now, before you realize that she can't deal with stuff like that."

He looked down at the ground and without looking at her he replied, "I appreciate your concern. I will speak with Mary as soon as I can."

Olivia was not expecting his response. She was expecting him to get defensive, to tell her to mind her business, that none of it concerned her. "Thank you, " she replied as he started walking towards the guestroom.

"Have a good night, " he replied lowly and he disappeared down the hall. Olivia looked after him feeling so much compassion towards him. She knew coming from a war was harsh, she saw it first-hand with her father, and she can't help but wanting to look after Nicholas. He was too young to have gone through to the horrors of war, too young.

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