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   Chapter 3 Dinner with the Clarks

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The food was served by their single servant, Nicholas started to feel pity for her for the number of guests was twice of what she was accustomed to. Olivia sat beside her father and helped him settle in his chair. She then stood and disappeared behind a door.

"She's not joining us?" asked Josie slightly disappointed that she won't be able to compare the sisters anymore.

"Of course she is, " replied Mary. "She's just helping Maggie in the kitchen."

"So have you thought of a date for the wedding?" asked General Clark.

Nicholas froze as he felt the air being sucked out of his lungs. They hadn't even discussed anything on their own. "I don't know."

"I was thinking next month?" interrupted Mary excitedly. "What do you think, Nick?"

Nicholas felt his face go hot. Why was she in so much hurry? "A month you say?"

She reached for his arm and held his hand tightly. "Yes, I don't see the point on delaying it."

Nicholas wanted so badly to reply exactly what was in his mind. He wanted to say he wanted to wait, that he wanted to get to know her better, to know her likes and her dislikes, or see her in normal clothes when she wasn't trying to make a good impression, that he wanted time to decide if this was truly what he wanted. Instead, he nodded and replied, "Next month sounds great."

Mary shrieked with happiness and gave him a peck on the cheek taking him off guard. Why was she being so affectionate? They barely held hands when they were back in California.


a appeared from the kitchen with a tray in hand. "What are we celebrating?"

"We're getting married next month!" Mary replied.

Olivia seemed taken aback. "Already? Didn't you just meet two weeks ago?"

"Good old Olivia, always being so supportive, " replied Mary clearly disliking her opinion.

Olivia seemed to want to answer to her sister but decided against it and focused on serving the food.

"Since the wedding shall take place next month, it would be pointless to send you back to California, " started General Clark as they started enjoying their dinner.

"Oh are you suggesting we plan the wedding here?" replied Mrs. Clark.

"Of course, it's traditional for the wedding to take place in the bride's hometown."

"Yes, well where would we stay?"

"We had three spare bedrooms all prepared for you arrival, " added Olivia.

Mrs. Clark turned to her daughters for advice. "We could explore Boston?" suggested Jane excitedly ignoring the fact that she did not enjoy being near a farm.

Mrs. Clark smiled. "Very well, if you are certain we won't be of any inconvenience."

"Not at all, " replied Mary happily. "We're going to be family, you'll never be a bother!" She turned to Nicholas who was mutely listening to the exchange. "Isn't this exciting? I am so excited."

He nodded without saying a word, as he looked up, he locked eyes with her sister who simply stared back at him so intently, it made him conscious of his scar so he attempted to hide behind his napkin.

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