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   Chapter 2 From California to Boston

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The journey was long and tedious. The carriage sent by General Clark was spacious, but it still gave Nicholas anxiety. Ever since he joined the war and spent time in the trenches, closed spaces made him uneasy. He looked out the window, the sight of the desert made him feel slightly better, the hot, dry air was a constant reminder that he had made it home.

It took them days to arrive, but the change of scenery was very welcoming. The differences between Sacramento and Boston were so many that Nicholas' mother, who had never been outside of her home state, awed and admired the very green state. The air felt lighter, even fresher. The tall buildings welcomed them and the smooth roads were a nice surprise.

At last, they arrived at the Clark residence and Nicholas' expectations were disappointed. He expected a grand house with a great entrance, instead, they were brought to a small, single floor house next to a very lonely farm. Nicholas was not sure why he was expecting such a prosperous house, General Clark always said he came from a humble town in Boston. His sisters scrunched their noses at the sight of a cow calmly eating hay. They weren't very wealthy back in Sacramento, but as they stood there covering their noses, they realized they were more than others.

General Clark was the first to greet them; Mary assisted him outside the screen door, as he stepped out with cane in hand attempting to make good use of his leg.

"Nicholas!" he greeted cheerfully as Nicholas reached out to embrace him. He gave Mary a smile and she smiled back, surprising him. He wasn't sure if she would even look at him considering how she acted around him the first time they met.

"You haven't met my other daughter, " said Major Clark as they pulled away. "She's Olivia."

Nicholas expected to see the sister walk out the door until Mary stepped forward and said, "It's so great to meet you. I have heard wonders about a Nicholas Gregson, I feel like I already know you."

Nicholas blinked unsure if they were playing a prank, and for a while he did not reply.

"Please forgive my son, " came his mother's voice from behind him. "It appears as he did

not know you had twin daughters, Mr. Clark."

General Clark laughed loudly. "I apologize, I think I failed to mention it."

Olivia giggled along with him. "Oh, you thought I was Mary, " she said now understanding Nicholas' odd reaction. "I'm afraid Mary isn't home yet. She wanted to make herself presentable so she went to the salon."

Nicholas extended his hand. "Forgive me for the confusion."

"No problem at all. It happens all the time, " she replied as she shook his hand.

"This is my mother, Jennifer Gregson. My sisters, Josie and Jane."

"It's such a pleasure to meet you."

They started with their pleasantries but Nicholas could not take his eyes off of Olivia. They must be identical because he could not spot any differences between her and Mary. The long dark hair, the beautiful face and the big round eyes were exactly the same as Mary's.

"We must come in, dinner is ready, " Olivia announced as she held her father's arm and helped him inside.

"We won't wait for your sister?" asked Mrs. Gregson.

Olivia reached for a chair so her father could sit in as she replied, "She's going to be here any minute. She likes to make an entrance."

As Olivia uttered the last word, Mary appeared from somewhere in the house, Nicholas assumed the back door, with her head held high. "I so apologize for my tardiness, " she said as she went around the room giving everyone a peck on the cheek.

"It's quite alright, you look ravishing, " complimented Mrs. Gregson.

Nicholas had to admit she looked beautiful. Her elegant dress seemed oddly out of place in the room, her hair was curled and done into some complex hairstyle that made her look as if she was of a higher class. Her face was beautifully adorned making her eyes really stand out. He can't help but feel sorry for her sister. She looked so insipid in her brown dress and her hair tied in a bow down her back.

She came to Nicholas side and sat beside him holding on his arm. "I see you met my twin sister."

"I have, " he replied feeling odd having her so close to him.

"You look so alike!" commented Josie as she kept looking back and forth.

Olivia simply smiled.

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