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   Chapter 1 An Unexpected Visit

Some Scars Never Fade By madairifa Characters: 4398

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None of it was supposed to happen like this. As Nicholas looked out his bedroom window, he dreaded the arrival of the carriage that would take him and his family to an unknown town, to a stranger's house. Even though she was not really a stranger, now was she? They were now engaged, he couldn't possibly still think of her as someone he did not know.

Her name was Mary Clark. A woman of three and twenty. She lived in a small town in Boston. Her mother deceased, her father, a farmer. He was a general in the Civil War, Nicholas served under his command when he joined the California 100. When Mr. Clark returned to his town in Boston, he was greatly respected man for he was one of the few that made it back from the Battle of Gettysburg. He came back from the war to his daughters, with an amputated leg, but he got himself around just fine, as far as Nicholas could see.

General Clark came to visit Nicholas one windy day to see a loyal friend. They kept in contact after the war through long letters, each expressing their struggles to adjust to their daily life routine after the long violent war. They discussed their nightmares, and thus finding support in each other regardless of the three thousand miles between them. General Clark arrived with one of his daughters, Mary.

Mary was tall, fair skinned, and a very dashing woman. How was she still unmarried, he did not know. General Clark adored his daughters, he spoke so well of them in his letters that Nicholas looked forward on meeting them. They arrived to his childhood home, as he was in the yard helping his mother with her rose garden. Their arrival brought back some terrible memories, but some great ones as well.

Mary pushed her father in his wheelchair and Nicholas felt sorry for him. A strong, brave man, trapped in a wheelchair, if that wasn't unfair, he did not know what was. Though the visit was unexpected, it was very well welcomed. Nicholas mother, Mrs. Gregson, knew exactly who General Clark was and she treated him with courtesy and respect. They stayed over for dinner and they discussed everything and anything. Nicholas's sisters, Jane of twelve years old and Josie of fifteen, admired Mi

ss Clark's beauty. She let them braid her long dark hair, which made his sisters smile all day.

After dinner, the conversation between General Clark and Nicholas took an unexpected turn. He wanted Nicholas to marry his daughter.

Nicholas stood there unable to process his proposal. Nicholas was twenty seven years of age, unmarried, and at one point, he was very handsome. But the war did not leave him unscarred. During the Battle of Cedar Creek, a confederate soldier swung his sword towards Nicholas and it got him on the right side of his face. It slashed his lips and it took a piece of his cheek right off. Now a dark, scar reminded him of that horrible war.

"Please, " General Clark said. "I don't mean to meddle but I do believe you make a beautiful couple. Mary is so very fond of you already."

Nicholas turned to him not believing a single word. Mary was unable to look at him in the face ever since she arrived. "I don't understand why you want me to marry into your family, " he admitted quietly.

"I just want my daughters in good hands. What better hands than yours."

As Nicholas discussed the matter to his mother later that night, his mother shook her head sadly. "It was bound to happen sooner or later."

He knelt before her and held her hands tenderly. "I won't leave you."

"Oh but you must, " she replied rapidly. "Since your father's death, you haven't been able to enjoy your own life."

"Of course I have. I enjoy being here with you and my sisters."

"You need to make a living for yourself, " she replied gently. "You need to find a girl and get married, make me a grandmother before I get too old."

"What about father's business?" he asked referring to the sale of farming equipment that his father had left behind.

"We can handle it. Just because we're women, it doesn't mean we don't know how business is done."

Nicholas chuckled knowing very well what a great business woman his mother was. "You think I should try then?"

"Of course! You won't lose anything by trying and who knows, maybe Miss Clark will be a great wife to you."

Nicholas nodded. With his face looking the way it did, he doubted he would get any more offers.

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