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   Chapter 6 Checking In

Attention Span and Other Stories By PaulineWiles Characters: 881

Updated: 2018-01-11 12:02

This party was a huge mistake. The guy in the hat is clearly deranged. And the girl in blue looked friendly, but hasn't stopped arguing. I'm yawning profusely and if it wasn't for that heavenly aroma of cake, I'd have scampered ages ago.

'You're leaving, Alice?' The hatted eccentric is momentarily distracted by the grumpy girl's departure.

I seize my chance, pouncing for the teapot lid. Then I prise it up and wriggle. As I drop do

wn into the dark sanctuary, the comforting clink of china sounds above my head.

The hatted voice is reduced to a distant rumble. 'Where did the dormouse go?'

Alone at last.


>> Author's note: This is both flash fiction, aiming to tell a complete story in around a hundred words, and fan fiction, best enjoyed by those who have read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This piece was originally published at

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