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   Chapter 34 No.34

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A long corridor spanned before S'maash and friends. Several, small, gas lamps lit the way quite well; the tiny, green flames did not flicker.

"So much for candle light, " Brelyna remarked.

Zolara narrowed his eyes as he began sniffing at the air. The master conjurer eyed him curiously.

"What are you doing, " Falion asked with a hint of condescension.

"You don't smell that, " Zolara asked.

The group traded glances. "What do you smell, " S'maath asked.

"Sulfur? Perhaps, something else as well; it's faint, but present, " Zolara answered.

"I don't smell anything, " Aicantar added.

"Let's press on. Zolara, let us know if something changes, " S'maash ordered.


They proceeded through the corridor. The walls differed from the rest of Damlzthur. Instead of hard-looking, gray stone, the walls around them were a soft beige and slightly grainy in appearance. Falion ran his hands across them for only a second as they walked.

There was no end in sight, only persistent darkness very far away. Their boots echoed ever so slightly as they continued their journey. An hour passed. Then, two hours passed. Finally, they had enough.

"Alright, let's take a moment here, " Aicantar said, nearly pleading.

They all agreed. While eating, they began to ponder what might be at the end of the eternal hall.

"Has there ever been any indication as to where the center of Mundas is or how to get there, " Brelyna pried.

"I've never read anything about it, " Falion said.

"I honestly don't have a clue. If the stories are accurate, Kagrenac had not placed the Heart of Lorkhan at the center of Mundas and neither had Dagoth Ur, " Aicantar added.

"When the Nerevarine defeated Dagoth Ur, it was beneath Red Mountain, " S'maash said.

"Yes, and Red Mountain is where the Heart of Lorkhan landed after falling from the Heavens, " Falion interjected.

They grew silent again. The sound of eating prevailed.

"Well…Hermaeus Mora sent us here, " S'maash said. No one had anything to say, so they rested in silence for moments. "Right, " S'maash stood and gathered his possessions. "Let us move."

With a look of determination, he walked onwards, the group fumbled to follow suit. Painstaking hours of walking ensued; the corridor seemed to have an end in sight. Upon finding what they thought was the end, they saw it was just a turn; the corridor curved off to the left and at a slight decline.

"At least this is something, " Zolara snipped.

They all gave a nod or headshake of accordance, stress, or exhaustion. Once an inordinate time passed, Brelyna, who was at the forefront then, spotted something golden in the distance. She stopped abruptly before looking at the others behind her.

"What, " Aicantar asked.

"Something ahead, " she said.

S'maash and S'maath took the lead. "Careful, " S'maash said.

"Why, " S'maath sounded arrogant.

"Just be careful, " S'maash snipped.

They chuckled and move

of ice, Brelyna and Zolara fired a great deal of fire balls, and Aicantar and Falion followed suit with wall of storm. The automaton thrashed and beat its weapons against the surrounding stone, but to no avail. With a final, metallic groan, it fell to pieces. The group of adventurers let out sighs of exhaustion.

"By the Gods, it is over, " Zolara remarked.

"Aye, and not a moment to soon, " Brelyna added.

The brothers reclaimed their swords. "Well, well, lollygaggers, time to see what lies beyond, " S'maath chuckled.

A quick search of the beast revealed a grand soul gem, dwemer gears, cogs, and a centurion, dynamo core. The spinning orb of power was of interest to Aicantar, and he placed it inside his travel pack.

Beyond the fallen machine was the metal stand in which it was formerly mounted, and behind it was a round gate. Vertical, dwarven metal bars blocked the group from a small room. They tried to open the gate.

"Here, " Falion said.

He pulled a lever. They had overlooked it as it was obscured by the automaton's stand. Upon pulling the lever, the gate opened towards them. A round room was behind the gate, a lever at its center. A set of four gears were built into the ground.

"A lift, " Aicantar said as he looked at the ceiling.

"I assume this takes us down, " S'maash said.

"We will see, " Falion said, motioning to Aicantar.

He pulled the lever, and the ground felt as though it fell away from them. The lift was taking them down at a phenomenal rate. A rush of wind from below accosted the group. For minutes, the sound of churning gears and sliding stone hissed.

The lower the lift took them the darker the small shaft grew. Soon, it was pitch-black, and Brelyna casted candle light. The wavering orb of light struggled to stay overhead. Finally, the lift slowed before a second, round gate; a lever built into the stone was next to it. S'maash pulled it and the gate came open. Before them was only blackness.

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