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   Chapter 31 No.31

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The incessant whining of spinning blades, and the clamor of daedric gears, drowned out the fury of bubbling lava. Deadlands was rife with heat, danger, and the war machine's ceaseless advance. Cautiously, S'maash and his group searched for a way inside. Locating a hatch at the rear's top portion, they made for it when it suddenly sprung open. A valkynaz covered in daedric armor hopped out.

"Death to intruders!" he grumbled.

The demon leapt off the machine and engaged the group in battle. As was custom, Zolara and Brelyna started a magickal flurry from the distance. S'maash and S'maath traded glances.

"Would you like me to go first, " S'maath asked.

"Fine by me, but don't kill him. I'm going to bind this one for Falion, " S'maash replied.

S'maath nodded, and not a second too soon; the valkynaz had closed the distance.

"Come, demon! Show me what you have, " S'maath challenged.

The creature only grumbled and swung a daedric, war axe, a malevolent, crescent blade of black and red steel that pulsated with raw power. S'maath, in a wide stance, parried the blow with the tip of his sword. The elf licked his bottom lip as he tried to stare into the eyes of his opponent, who was wearing a full helmet.

The demon pulled with both hands causing the crescent blade of his axe to tug at the sword, but the dark elf shuffled forwards for balance. In reply, the demon thrust his axe into S'maath's chest. The sharp spike at the axe's head penetrated armor only slightly, yet enough for a little blood and pain. The valkynaz laughed.

Frost and lightning slowed the demon, but his brute force was cause for concern. S'maash, in his death-like, bonemold armor, stood with arms crossed, watching the battle. If need be, he was ready to cast healing hands, but for the time, he simply enjoyed watching and learning from his brother's movements, and the valkynaz's attacks.

"Bow before me, weakling, " the demon called out.

"You're nothing, scum!"

Mer and demon continued to battle for seconds longer. It was apparent that S'maath was not only holding back for fun, but that the magickal onslaught from the support team was having a large effect. Finally, the demon took a knee. He looked up at S'maath, who raised his sword over his head.


a familiar voice was heard screaming insults from the exterior.

"Falion, " Brelyna asked.

They all staggered back to the hatch. Upon opening it, they found themselves inside Dartwing Cave.

"Well, well, I didn't really expect you to make it out of there, " Falion greeted.

"Falion, this is Sultar Tuvik, " S'maash said, pointing at the demon.

"Excellent. Transfer control over to me, " Falion ordered.

"How uh…how do I do that?"

Zolara laughed, openly.

"Tell him to serve me, " Falion said, incredulously.

"Of course. Sultar Tuvik, you are to serve your new master, Falion."

"As you will, " the demon grumbled.

"Alright, well, when you came crashing through, several of the sigil stones powering the weaponry fell about the ground, " Falion started. "You can take them if you like; being an enchanter, I've no doubt you can find a use for them. I have much work to do now, but please, send for me when you have completed your quest to restore the Heart of Lorkhan. I would very much like to see it."

"Of course. Master Falion, " S'maash asked.


"No…nothing. Apologies, " S'maash said.

"Back to Winterhold for a drink then, " S'maath asked, looking everyone over.

"Aye, will you be staying this time, " Brelyna asked.

"Perhaps…I must say I'm interested in seeing this ordeal come to a conclusion."

The brothers looked at one another. "Feel free to stay as long as you like, " S'maash smiled.

They left Falion to his own devices for drinks and merriment.

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