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   Chapter 25 No.25

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Durro shield bashed Farkas across the face, sending him to the ground hard. A trickle of blood fell from his mouth. Vilkas shouted as he brought his blade across the knight's flank. Aela helped Farkas back to his feet when Durro butted his pommel over Vilkas's head. The pain and impact sent the Harbinger reeling.

Farkas swung with all his might from side-to-side, but Durro held his shield firmly, blocking the strikes. He rammed his plated shoulder into the nord, shoved past him, and swung his ebony sword at Aela. Deftly, she stepped back, nocked an arrow, and let it fly. It was the eleventh arrow to pierce armor.

"Where is that dark elf?" Vilkas yelled, from a knee.


J'zargo shoved the wizard into Delyla's chamber of bones. "Heh heh heh, J'zargo has brought one for feasting."

The khajiit's fuzzy snout twitched in pride. Delyla stood in black, hooded robes, revealing her emaciated form. A pale, green glow emanated from her eyes. Stringy, white hair cascaded from inside her hood. Her voice sounded far away as though coming from a metal tube.

"Yesss. I hunger for soulsss."

She locked eyes with S'maash and floated from her throne. Her bare feet touched the ground upon closing the distance. Without hesitation, he smashed the reaper gem across her face. She hissed and screamed wildly as her body contorted in rage and pain. The soul entered her undead form.

"Heh heh heh. Khajiit is no one's puppet, " J'zargo claimed.

He summoned two, storm atronachs. The mammoth demons of stone and lightning immediately rained wall of storm all about the elder vampire's chamber. The arcs of purple lightning did not fare well against the omnipotent Delyla, who in turn summoned her undead atronachs.

Two, hulking beasts of writhing and rotted flesh appeared from the pits of Oblivion. The sight was enough to churn S'maash's stomach. The golems were forged of misshaped flesh, bulging and decrepit. Both demons possessed gaping mouths with rotten teeth, four arms with large fists, and exposed genitalia of both sexes. They were grotesque, hairless creatures standing eight feet tall.

"That is gruesome, " J'zargo said.

S'maash had hopped back just as the abominations were conjured. He, too, summoned a flame atronach and casted ebony flesh. With sword in hand and wall of ice ready, he and J'zargo commenced their attack. The undead atronach wielded an absorb life spell, however, a red energy that sucked the health of its prey.

Delyla, undaunted by magickal attacks, latched on to S'maash with claws like steel vices. She bit into his neck immediately. While she held onto him, J'zargo gripped her head in both claws, casting flames. His magickal attack also damaged S'maash, who stumbled around with the evil vampire still clinging tightly.

"Waaah! Get her off!" he howled, twirling like a mad skeever.

J'zargo managed to remove Delyla from S'maash's throat. His muscles tensed beneath his fur as the she-devil whirled about and crashed her head

hield brother, Durro. "Is he finally dead?"

Vilkas staggered over, using his sword as leverage to keep from falling. "See to Aela. I'll check Durro, " he said, wincing in pain.

Vilkas dropped to his knees, allowing his sword to fall to the ground.

"Are you hurt, " Farkas asked.

Aela hit him in the arm. "Of course, I'm hurt, you idiot!"

Farkas frowned to his brother. "I think she's fine."

Vilkas pulled Durro's helmet from his head. The nord was certainly dead. Blank eyes stared into the abyss. Vilkas closed them.

"May you continue to fight in Sovngarde. We have avenged you, shield brother, " he whispered.

Farkas sat cross-legged and took stock of the battlefield. Dismembered necromages, glowing ashes, blood, and frozen magick covered the ground. He and his Companions were all but defeated. Vilkas lay back, holding his sides. Farkas held his bleeding shoulder, and Aela passed out on her flank.

"Where's the dark elf?" Farkas was concerned.

"The coward must have fled. Damnable wizard; he should have been here to heal us, " Vilkas complained.

"I am, " S'maash yelled.

He and J'zargo limped over to the injured Companions and began healing them.

"Where in Oblivion have you been, " Vilkas growled.

"Heheheh. J'zargo needed your friend for College business. It was this one, who saved your hides, " J'zargo said. With a modicum of health returned, Vilkas demanded answers. "You may call this one hero, or J'zargo, if you prefer. This one is an instructor at the College of Winterhold. S'maash and khajiit have killed the elder vampire, Delyla. Her defeat broke her spell over your friend. It was us, who won the day."

"I don't understand, " Farkas said.

"It's fine, " Vilkas sighed, coming to his feet. "S'maash didn't run away. He fought the vampire, who must have been controlling Durro. Thank you, both of you. Now, help us get Durro out of here and back to Jorrvaskr. He deserves a proper send off to Sovngarde, " Vilkas added, gravely.

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