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   Chapter 14 No.14

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Vertigo overtook S'maash and the others. For a moment, there was only blackness. They awoke in a dream. The wizard was the first to rise. He saw his comrades lying on the ground, only it was not the ground as he was accustomed to it.

"What is this, " he asked in a daze.

His voice echoed, drawing his attention to the wonderful world of Moonshadow. As the others rose, S'maash appreciated the sights. The ground was an endless ocean of crystal, blue twinkling. The sky was a swirling pool of all the brightest colors. He barely breathed from the impact of gorgeousness. In the distance, massive trees carved from sapphire, rose to touch the Heavens. The more he observed, the less he saw. He had to look in small spurts, constantly moving his eyes, lest the ultimate beauty obliterated him.

Brelyna approached him and took his arm. Zolara screamed.

"I can't see…I, I mustn't keep my eyes open!" the argonian's voice echoed out into eternity.

"Calm yourself! You must look briefly. Do not fix your gaze, " S'maash ordered.

"All, alright. I will try, " Zolara replied.

After regaining his composure, the conjurer took Brelyna's hand. The three walked together towards a light. It was difficult to understand what anything was. The entire realm had a wavering mist about it, like too much heat off a forge.

"Where are you taking us, " Brelyna asked.

"I don't know, " S'maash replied.

He stopped for a moment to look around. Crystalline mountains rose in the distance. A sudden scent assaulted their nostrils, cinnamon. S'maash felt a presence. It was Farengar. Something was wrong.

"Wait. Where is my gem, " S'maash blurted.

"Did it not appear with you?" Zolara was apprehensive.

S'maash looked back from where they had arrived. A sudden pang of fear jolted him. The scenery was different. A magnificent waterfall reflecting all the colors of the sky replaced whatever had been there. Then, Farengar's presence was felt once more. It pulled him back to the light in the distance, a watery colored glow.

"Farengar…I feel him, " S'maash whispered.

He ran towards the light, jostling the others behind him. After stumbling, they recovered and gave chase. An oddity they all welcomed was the lack of fatigue. They ran for hours.

A palace of silver grew visible on the horizon. Its light emanated as though holding the sky and the ground apart in an eternal struggle. Upon reaching the palace of

ed to where the Wretched Abyss had been, but there was only snow.

"What, " S'maash asked.

"You're just going? Just like that, " she probed.

"Is there a better way?"

"Well, I don't know. I mean, " she looked away.

"I am. Just like that, I'm going, " Zolara added.

S'maash pointed at him as he kept his eyes on Brelyna. "See, he's excited."

His smile was contagious. Brelyna smile then giggled. They made their way back towards Winterhold. A long, arduous journey ensued for hours. While trudging along, they discussed the implications.

"Azura chose you as champion. Why are continuing to quest for Hermaeus Mora?" Brelyna wondered.

"It's difficult to answer…I have no intention of subverting Azura's designs for me, but I cannot shun from Hermaeus Mora, either. I fear his power. He's already threatened to swallow me into his Wretched Abyss, " S'maash replied.

"Here, I thought you were just trying to advance the school of enchanting. Suddenly, you're looking for Lorkhan's Heart? I thought it was in Vverdenfell, anyway, " Zolara added.

S'maash shrugged. He was aware of the Nerevarine's quest to destroy the Heart of Lorkhan, and end Dagoth Ur's tyranny, but after completion of his quest, it was unknown what transpired.

"If Hermaeus Mora says it's in Nchuand-Zel then that's where it is…. Speaking of which, what is Nchuand-Zel, " S'maash asked.

"The dwemer ruin beneath Markarth, over in the Reach. It's Skyrim's western hold, " Brelyna replied.

"Tell me more."

They continued their trek beside the grand mountains as a light snow yet sprinkled from dissipating clouds.

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