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   Chapter 12 No.12

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Farengar walked to his study with no regard for the little droplets of blood in his wake. S'maash made attempts to circumvent them as he followed. In the study, the wizard placed the daedra heart on the arcane enchanter. One of the maids was heard grumbling.

"You were saying, " Farengar asked.

"Hermaeus Mora contacted me in Labyrinthian, and here's your book."

"Ah, excellent. So, I suppose Hermaeus Mora told you to ask me what we're doing, " Farengar started. S'maash nodded, accordingly. "It's simple, really. After I retrieved the blood and scales of Odahviing, I conducted experiments on the nature of dragons. I found their scales to be quite resilient, both physically and magickally. Furthermore, I discovered it is their blood, which grants them a seemingly endless life span. On occasion, they may go into a sort of hibernation–"

"Wait a minute! I want to talk about Hermaeus Mora, and what you're doing with that heart, " S'maash interjected.

"Patience. Do not interrupt me again. Now, my studies led me to believe it was possible to extend the lives of man and mer, heal their wounds, cure their ailments, and so forth. I delved as deep as I could into dragon lore. After speaking with the Dragonborn, I went in search of the Blades. They were unwilling to cooperate."

S'maash was familiar with the Blades as they had a prominent position in Morrowind during the Third Era. So far as he knew, though, they were mainly protectors of Cyrodiil's emperors; it was unbeknownst to the dark elf that the Blades originated as a clan of dragon slayers. He continued to listen to Farengar's explanation.

"After extensive research and careful experimentation, I stumbled onto a mixture requiring powdered dragon scales. A bit of refined dragon blood was needed as well. By the time I came close to the progeny of my research, I hit a wall; I wasn't able to find the proper reagent to finalize my potion.

"With only a small sample of the dragon's elements, there was no way to attempt a use of all the reagents at my disposal. Seeking knowledge, I discovered a way to summon Hermaeus Mora. After an extended conversation, we came to an agreement.

"I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say, I completed my task. In return, Hermaeus Mora gave me the ability to see what I needed. I mean that most literally, " Farengar said.

Upon ending his account, he drew back his hood. S'maash was shocked to see his eyes. They were not human. Farengar's irises had vanished. His eyes were white with huge, black veins.

"What is that?!" S'maash gasped.

"I see magicka as it flows in the universe. The mysteries and natures of all things magickal are revealed to me almost immediately. Due to that fact, and as you've witnessed, I can surmise knowledge from any book within seconds. Where you see nonsensical scribblings of a mad mage, I see Shalidor's Insights as he saw them, as he experienced them. We needed this particular book…Hermaeus Mora he…he was not finished with me, " Farengar explained.

His voice had grown despondent as he neared the end of his speech. The following silence made the elf uncomfortable.

"How does this involve me?"

"Simple, your desire for truth and knowledge exceeds time, no? You seek the old school of enchanting, one that even the daedra no longer practice due to its inherent danger, " Farengar replied.

"I'm afraid you're not making sense, " the elf said and turned; he was no longer able to bear those strange eyes.

"I'm making perfect sense. How do you think the daedric princes came to be so powerful? The Gods themselves enchanted

te, it will, as all soul gems, shatter after only one use. To remedy that, it must be brought before Azura.

Should she accept the vessel in her honor, and I have no doubt she will, she may bestow upon it the Breath of Everlasting. This incantation may only be applied in her very own realm, one of many realms of Oblivion. Once the gem is offered, she may provide more information.

As for me, Farengar Secret-Fire, I have filtered my own soul willingly into the vessel. Please do not use me for enchanting purposes. Once the Breath of Everlasting has been bestowed upon the vessel, I will have a small window of opportunity. I will escape to join Hermaeus Mora in his plane of Oblivion.

S'maash, I personally thank you for your efforts. Show this to the old man, Tolfdir. The rune at the bottom of the page will certainly force him to reconsider your acceptance into the College of Winterhold.

At the bottom of the page was in fact an odd marking, one S'maash had never seen. The last pages of the journal indicated the following steps S'maash needed to undertake in order to accomplish Farengar's final project. Under the journal was another note. S'maash quickly read it as well. It was signed by Thorald, who accepted S'maash as the new court wizard of Dragonsreach. Exhausted from his travels and the recent events, he placed his head on the desk. I guess it is time to return to the College….

Before making a long trip to Winterhold, S'maash met with Thorald in Dragonsreach's throne room. The Jarl was a large nord with thick, graying hair. His fine clothes consisted of heavy cloths comprised of bright colors. The golden hues and bright reds gave him a regal bearing few nords possessed. The braziers burned brightly, casting ominous shadows inside the palace.

Thorald appeared a brute, but spoke with a surprisingly kind demeanor. "The crazy wizard has passed on then?"

"Yes, but I fear I don't know how to be a court wizard, " S'maash complained.

"No worries. We're currently experiencing some peace in Skyrim. Besides, I never understood a damn word that arrogant wizard ever said to me. You look more my type, I see the spirit of travel and adventure in your eyes, " Thorald praised.

After a short discussion, explaining his rather lax duties, S'maash was granted a leave of absence to return to The College of Winterhold. He took a cart ride to the northeast once more.

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