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   Chapter 3 No.3

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"Dora-Eudora-You-Dufus. Dora-Eudora-You-Dufus."

She liked it. Later, she learned it was mean, but those were just words to her. She never really understood.

"Dora-Eudora-You-Dufus. Dora-Eudora-You-Dufus."

She fell asleep. Charlie, on the other hand, did not sleep. He was uneasy with a man like Larry taking such an interest in his sister, but she was never going to be with anyone better. His country road came along soon enough.

He let it drift forwards. It was fun, exciting, as it soon turned into a paved highway. There, he had a real education. Summer was coming to an end, and he had already made more than enough money. Fatigue set in. It was black. Charlie was asleep.

Weeks went by. Charlie went to college. Larry and Eudora became a couple. A year later, he got a job as an electrician, and they moved in together. Things went smoothly for everyone. They even got married. Charlie came home on weekends. On occasion, either he or their grandfather went to visit Larry and Eudora.

During Charlie's second year of college Grandpa Richard got sick. Eudora, Larry, and Charlie took him to the hospital by the college. It was a nice place, small and comforting.

"They'll take care of you, Gramps, until you get better. Soon as I finish school, and get a good job, you can move in with me, " Charlie was optimistic.

Larry, on the other hand, was tired of Charlie and Richard constantly checking up on him and his wife. A few weeks went by. Richard's health continued to decline.

"It's his heart, I'm afraid, " the doctor told Charlie.

He was alone now. Larry didn't bring Eudora to visit him.

"He won't have long. I advise you get all of his affairs in order. He may not make it through the week. I'm sorry, " the doctor said to Charlie before she walked off.

He entered the room and looked at his grandfather. The once strong man who raised two grandchildren was weak and old. He came close to the bed and sat next to Richard. The hospital chair was uncomfortable. His grandfather's bed was probably worse.

"Heya', Gramps, how do you feel?"

"I hear I won't be around much longer." His eyes had lost their determined shine. "Where is your sister?"

Charlie answered was scorned. "Lazy ass Larry won't come by."

"There is something you need to know. You have to look after Eudora. When her mom died, she was left alone. She spent six years in a basement. Your grandmother and I didn't know about it. Word got around to us that you were born.

"You see, Eudora is your half-sister. Her mother was my daughter. I'm afraid Larry reminds me of her husband. He was a good-for-nothing drunk, who beat her. Soon after Eudora was born, my daughter died. We went to check on our granddaughter a few times when she was a baby, but your father moved out of town, and it would seem he just stopped taking care of her.

"Some friends of ours found out that he had another child with some other woman. She, your mother, left you in his care. Our friends told us that you were looking great, so we asked about our granddaughter. He doesn't have one, they replied. Naturally we rushed to find out where your father had moved. When we got there, we had the police escort us to his house.

"There, we found a drunk good-for-nothing, a cute, little toddler, and no one else. I raised Hell, and your father denied knowing me, but the officers heard something. It was a rhythmical scratching.

"They opened the basement door, and there it was, a white, stringy haired monster of a child. Naked, fingernails wore to bloody stumps, teeth all rotted out; she couldn't stand the light. She was immediately hospitalized, and your father was arrested. That's when Evelyn and I took you in. We raised you to take care of her when we couldn't. That time is now. You have to go see her. Make sure she's okay."

The strain of the story, the emotional pain, was too much for Richard to bear. He closed his eyes. There was no road for Richard. It was black. He was dead. Charlie was numb. He and his grandfather weren't even related. He sat for hours. The nurse came. She placed a hand on his shoulder.

"It's alright, darling. He lived a full life. You should go home."

There was no home, not really. He had to go find Eudora. He rushed to Larry's place that night.

His heart sank. There was no vehicle in the dusty, dirt driveway. There were no lights on in the house. There was no Larry. There was no Eudora.

Over the next few days, Charlie spoke to Patty and Joe then to Mr. Thomas, the mill boss. It wasn't until Tuesday, when the hardware store opened, that he was able to get an answer. It turned out that Larry's father had died of liver cancer, from too much drinking no doubt. Larry quickly liquidated his father's assets and moved into the city.

Charlie set off on his golden country road, but it did not become the paved highway he envisioned. On the other hand, Eudora had become accustomed to Larry's increasingly vulgar behavior.

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