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   Chapter 13 No.13

Board James By AaronDennis Characters: 5049

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"Um, technically, it's a futon, " Bootsy said.

Scowling, the nerd turned to the young man. "It's your turn, dickless wonder!"

"Beenie weenies, " Bootsy exclaimed. "I'll give it a go…."

Allen gave the nerd a sideways glance, but the man simply stared back. "Aren't you the dumbass who's always playing games he hates?"

"So, what the fuck's it to you, " nerd shouted.

"I just don't understand why you do that. I mean, it isn't like you're forced to play shitty games."

"I'm forced to play this one!"

"But you made this game, " Allen fired back.

"I didn't make it! I only play video games! That pussy, loser Board James likes to wipe his ass with board games. Who the fuck wants to sit down with a group of skunk sucking ass ticklers and roll some fucking dice?!"

"I rolled a nine, " Bootsy said.

"Well, Merry fuckin' Christmas, " nerd grunted.

"What's it say, " Mike asked.

"I don't know. I can't read."

"You can't read?!" everyone screamed.

"Gee fluckle-fucks, fellas', you know I can't read, " Bootsy apologized.

"Maybe if you spent less time sucking your own dick, you could park your nose in a book instead of your own cum crack, " nerd yelled.

Bootsy started crying again. Mike leaned over the table, tossing the Ouija Board from the game.

"It says go back one full round…."

"Does that mean that everything that just happened to us is nullified, " Allen asked.

Mike shrugged, but nerd said, "You guys are assholes."

More lightning flashed before their

n the floor. Shaking his head in despair, Allen just scrutinized the carnage.

"Well, " he mused, wiping his face and flinging errant Bootsy bits, "at least we're down to two…but…."

"But, " Mike asked. "Roll."

"I only have one life left, and you have three…because you cheated."

"How the fuck am I cheating? Don't you think this Hell spawn of a game would punish me for cheating?"

"Well, it's an evil game, and you're evil, so no, probably not."

"Roll! We're almost done."

"Okay, " he huffed.

It came up eleven. Allen landed on another Dead End Drive spot, so he drew a card, and sure enough, there was a picture of Mike. When Allen looked at his hands, he had no weapon, and wondered how to kill his friend, when suddenly, a chandelier came crashing down, sending shards of skull in all directions. Allen recoiled from the mess, which struck his face. He wiped goo from his lips and spit. The image of Mike flickered, vanished along with the chandelier, and a fresh Mike manifested.

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