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   Chapter 11 No.11

Board James By AaronDennis Characters: 4755

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"It means the game won't end until there's a winner, " the game reviewer revealed.

"How do we win, " Allen pressed him.

"There can be only one."

"Isn't that from Highlander, " Mike winced, looking at James.

The young man shrugged indifferently. Anxious to bring about a conclusion, Allen rolled the dice. The two dice added to seven, and he moved his game piece along the board. He landed on a pit, which slid him down to Mr. Bucket. Everyone braced themselves.

"Oh, no, " James croaked. "Not Mr. Bucket."

"Ah-huh-huh-hup, " something laughed with an ominous echo. "I'm Mr. Bucket…I want your balls in my mouth…."

"What the fuck is that, " Allen yelped.

"It's Mr. Bucket, " Bootsy said. "He's comin' for your balls."

Everyone eased back from the table except Allen. He stared, wide eyed, awaiting the worst. Mr. Bucket rolled out from a darkened corner, vaulted itself into Allen's lap, and as he screamed bloody murder, blood sprayed up from under the table. It covered the man, the game, the table, the floor, and then the toy leapt onto the table, and spit out a testicle. Still screaming and crying while the others cringed in terror, Allen fell over, grabbing his scrotum.

"Oh, my God, " he yelled out. "Argh! My fucking balls!"

"Man, that's gotta' hurt, " Mike chuckled. "Alright…my roll."

There was blood absolutely everywhere, but he nabbed the dice. While he shook them, Allen wrig

ing, he landed on a Ouija Board square. "Oh, no."

"No, that's good, " James grinned, but there was something unsettling about his face. "Here you go."

His mouth smiled, but his eyes remained cold and hard, flickering from candlelight. He then lifted a demonic rendition of the Ouija Board onto the table. It was red and black with horns growing from the corners. The horrified expression on Mike's face forced a cackle from the game reviewer.

Stammering, Mike said, "I-I, don't wanna' use, use it…."

"You have to use it, unless you want to pass it."

"How do I pass it?"

"Anytime you want to pass a summons, you add a body part to the Hangman game piece."

"But I just died" Mike complained.

"It's up to you, asshole."

Allen looked them over. The pain in his groin was insurmountable, but he was wondering what the Ouija Board afforded him. James had said it allowed one to ask a question, and he needed to know something.

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