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   Chapter 10 No.10

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Chapter Seven

"It's your roll, " a voice claimed.

"Allen, " someone said.


Through blurred vision, Allen saw he was surrounded by people, but he didn't know who they were. It was dark, so he rubbed his eyes. Wherever he was, he was sitting, and there were four, other people; their faces grim by the light of wavering candles.

"Dude, " a guy in a dark, ball cap said. "Roll the fucking dice!"

Coughing and taking deep breaths, Allen tried to recollect, he tried to make sense of what was happening. I'm awake, aren't I? Slowly, everything came into view. He was sitting at the foldable table in the basement, and his friends were all there; Motherfucker Mike, the cheater, Bad Luck Bootsy, who knocked everything over, Board James, who always made them play, and Sharon, who was to his left.

He turned to glance at her, but under the flickering light, it was difficult to tell what was what. He then heard the rumble of thunder, and realized it was pouring rain out, but that wasn't the issue. There was something wrong with Sharon; she was slumping to her side, and her head was tilted back.

"Sharon, " he asked.

"She's dead, man, " Mike said. "It's your turn."

"Yeah, chuckle head, " Bootsy added. "You gotta' roll, or we'll never get home."

Wide eyed, Allen looked from the saddened Mike, to the frightened Bootsy, to the scowling James, and then back to Sharon. She was dead; her throat was slit and blood had soaked into her blouse.

"What the

ife, but that didn't explain why buying the house and being married had seemed so real. It was just that day that he had come home from school. But that's not possible…we were kids then. We're adults now….

"How did we get here, " he groaned.

"Jeepers, Al, " Bootsy started. "Dontcha' remember the warp zone?"

"Warp zone?" He looked to Bootsy with an expression of complete confusion.

Chuckling, James said, "Yeah, the warp zone. It happened while I was using the Ouija Board to ask the game about my next move. At that same time, Mike was reading from the Necronomicon, and Bad Luck Bootsy, naturally, rolled all ones, so the warp zone swallowed us. Now, the game is real…and no one can leave until it's finished."

"What does that mean?!"

The image of the warp zone, a swirling vortex of all colors, manifested among his thoughts, but he still didn't understand the rules of the game. In fact, no one aside from James knew what was going on, but he was a veritable madman.

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