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   Chapter 9 No.9

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Panic stricken, they laughed the whole thing off, making their way back upstairs in a tizzy. When Allen shut the door, they both stared at it for a moment. Then, they looked at one another again.

"We should probably get some rest, " she suggested.

"I, uh…I need to do some editing, " he replied.

"Well, don't work too late. I don't want you to wake me up when you get into bed."

"Won't I wake you up regardless?"

She frowned at him; a tiresome expression. He smiled, gave her a kiss goodnight, and while she got ready for bed, he went to the garage, cracked open his laptop, and opened a file for his latest novel. As he read through his most recent chapter, his mind wandered. The cellar was calling out to him; he had the sensation of sliding through a tunnel, and he heard children laughing, but it was staccato, echoing, almost dreamlike.

In a daze, he meandered through the house and suddenly found himself staring at the cellar door. He opened it, turned on the light, and slowly walked down the steps. In the game room, the Ouija Board sat on the ground before the futon. He stood there, gawking at it. I didn't leave it out….

The planchette was pointing right at him. Frightened but curious, he sat down.

"I mean, it's just a God damn game, right?" He picked up the planchette to inspect it. It was only a piece of plastic. He dropped it onto the board. "Is there anyone here?" Nothing happened. "Am I alone?" Still, nothing happened, so he laughed. Then, a lo

, but the thought seemed appropriate. "I must have, " he sighed. After wiping sweat from his forehead, he looked at her and smiled. "I must have just dozed off a second. I am writing a horror novel, so, yeah; I probably just fell asleep for a second and dreamt the whole thing. Jesus, what an ass. I'm so sorry."

She laughed and hugged him. "Oh, honey; it's all right. Come upstairs, come to bed, and you'll feel just fine tomorrow morning."

"Okay. Just gimme' a second. I need to save my work and shut off the computer."

"I'll come with you."

Laughing, he said it was okay. Back in the garage, as he shut off his laptop, a racket sounded. Branches were beating against the garage door.

"Wind's getting bad, " she said.

Slack jawed, he gaped at the door. Through the slits of plastic, he saw the branches well enough, but he didn't recall a tree being right outside the garage. Too frightened to even consider the possibilities, he nodded to her, and they went off to bed.

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