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   Chapter 8 No.8

Board James By AaronDennis Characters: 4769

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"Should we wait up here, " Allen asked.

Sharon shrugged. "I'm sure he'll tell us when it's safe."

Both fidgeted for a moment. Time eased by. Neither said a word. Then, Creasy bellowed from down below.

"It's a game room!"

"A gay room, " Allen asked, skeptically.

"Game room, dummy. C'mon."

She chuckled as they proceeded down the steps. At the end of the stairs, against the far wall, was a white sink. Allen approached and looked inside; there was an old Mr. Bucket toy. It looked cracked and dried. To this left was an opened door, and beyond it, Creasy was plunked down on a black futon. All around the room, shelves were built into the walls. There were board games, video games, televisions; it was like a museum of gaming's history from the late eighties.

"Everything looks good down here. Ain't nothin' getting' in. Ain't nothin' getting' out, " Creasy heaved.

"So, wait, then what have I been hearing at night, " Allen asked.

"Beats the Hell outta' me."

"But we're paying you to find out, " Sharon snapped.

"Yep, and I found nothin'. That'll be three fifty."

"Three hundred and fifty dollars?" Sharon objected.

"Hey, I gotta' eat, too, and look around yas' this is a man cave, which you have now acquired, " Creasy said, coming to his feet. "A check will do just fine."

Rolling his eyes, Allen led Creasy back upstairs. The exterminator claimed Allen had probably just heard the hom

, he was always cheating, " Sharon said.

"Yeah, yeah; I had a friend like that, too. I also knew a guy who always broke everything. He couldn't sit down or fart without knocking over a game, spilling a drink, or sending a bowl of chips to the ground."

"That's strange, " she thought out loud, "I remember a guy like that…he always wore a Toronto Blue Jays cap."

They locked eyes. A tinge of fear ran through their bodies. They both recalled a similar kid.

"I…I also remember another guy in a cap. He was really strange, though; he was the guy that always invited us over. He's the one I said made us play these dumb games he made up himself…."

Their brows furrowed. Their hearts skipped beats. The rumble of distant thunder reverberated then.

"Well…that can't be right, " she whispered.

"Maybe, it's just a coincidence? I mean, we all know people like that, and wearing a Blue Jays cap isn't that rare, right?"


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