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Chapter Five

Motherfucker Mike had managed to score a hundred points during the rounds of Mystery Rummy. James concluded Mike had cheated, but none of them were able to pinpoint how or when. As they eyed one another, sitting in a circle around the scattered cards, Bootsy asked what game was next.

"How about a fun game, " Mike suggested.

"They're all fun games, " James retorted.

"No…they're not, " Mike replied, lackadaisically. "I kinda' wanna' play a video game. What about Street Fighter 2?"

"Street Fighter 2, the board game, " James asked, pulling out his hand drawn board.

"No, " the others shouted.

"Bootsy, find us something, " Mike ordered.

"Sure thing, chief, " he said. As he came to his feet, he kicked out to stand, and knocked over the orange bowl of Halloween candy. "Oops, sorry fellas'!"

"Bootsy!" they complained.

While James and Mike scooped up the treats, Bootsy rummaged through numerous boxes. He tossed aside 13 Dead End Drive, Mouse Trap, and Doggie Doo. Finally, he scooped up a bunch of Play-Doh and several of its accessories before dropping them all on the ground.

"Dude, be careful, " James chastised.

"It's Play-Doh; ya' can't break Play-Doh!"

"I can break your ass, " the game reviewer fired back.

"Easy, James, " Mike said.

James huffed and puffed, frowning and staring wide eyed. He took a deep breath, relaxed, and thunder rumbled through the basement, causing them all to recoil in surprise. While Mike popped the lid


"Ooh, " Bootsy sounded enthralled.

"That shit takes for ever, and Bootsy'll just knock the pieces over before we set it up, " James replied.

"Jenga, " Mike asked.

"You're just gonna' cheat, " James sighed.

"How am I gonna' cheat at Jenga?!"

"You'll slide your rectangle dick in place of the blocks, " Bootsy chuckled.

"At least I have a dick, " he fired back.

Chapter Six

Bob Creasy, Allen, and Sharon stood gaping at the brown door, which had been revealed after the exterminator cut away the drywall. While the newly weds traded a worried glance. Creasy looked done in.

"Well, " he belched. "Excuse me. Lemme' get down there and take a look. Buckle up, though; chances are the basement's crawlin' with vermin."

He opened the door, and it creaked portentously. Beyond the door was only blackness, but Creasy reached in and flicked a switch, alighting the wooden steps into the house's underbelly. The steps also creaked as the heavy set fellow marched on down.

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