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   Chapter 6 No.6

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The guy said he was going to be out first thing in the morning. Allen asked about finding the rodents, and the man replied he guaranteed his work. Satisfied, the writer hung up, moseyed back to the garage, cracked open his laptop, and started pounding out his next story.

One, more, sleepless night ensued. The rattling and scuttling sounded louder than ever. Allen wondered how it was that Sharon didn't wake, but then again, she was snoring pretty loudly, and if that didn't wake her, some rats weren't going to do the job.

Awake and angry, Allen approached the kitchen. There, he flicked on the light, started a pot of coffee, and plunked down at the table. Yawning, he found it strange that every time he made it to the kitchen, the noise vanished, but then the coffee brewed, and by the time he finished his first cup, the sun was up, and so was Sharon.

They ended up taking a fun shower together after which, they ate breakfast. By the time they washed their bowls, a knock on the door resounded. Allen went to see if the exterminator had arrived, and in fact, he had.

"You Allen, " the short, chunky, greasy man in faded blue jumpsuit and ball cap asked.

"Yes, Sir. Come in."

"So's I took a walk 'round the place, and didn't see no way for rats ta' get inside, but I wanna' get a ladder an' check the soffit, but before I do that, I figured why not say hello to my customers."

"Hello, " Allen said.

"Mind if I use yer' to

f the drywall. The newly weds cringed from the sound of the tiny blade, and Sharon eyed the dust accumulating on the floor. When Creasy stopped, she asked if he was going to clean it up. He nodded.

"But anyways, " he said. "Lookie here. That's a door back there. If you got rats, they might well be in there, or they might be trapped in there and tryin' ta' get out."

"Okay, " Allen nodded. "Well, I guess do what you have to do…I'll be in the garage."


"Allen, " Sharon yelled over the buzzing of the saw. "Shouldn't someone keep an eye on him?"

"What? Why?"

"I don't know. He's…I don't know…."

Allen looked his wife over. Her hair was still damp from the shower, and though she was a young woman, she looked haggard, or tired, or perhaps just worried. Without her makeup, she also looked a little meaner.

"I'm sure it's fine. Why don't you go out and get more candy. It's just another week before Halloween."

"Yeah, okay…."

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