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   Chapter 89 No.89

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5037

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At the dropdown point, Franklin pulled a tube from his harness, rotated part of it, which made prongs jut out, pointed it up, pressed a button, and a grappling hook shot into the ceiling. He told everyone to hang on. It wasn't easy, but the object lifted them out. Down more corridors, they finally made it to the docking bay, where their hearts sank. Fighters had docked

"Ass!" O'Hara spat.


The captain glared at the enemy. Hundreds of fighters resembling beetles, hornets, and mechanical variations of insects glowed intermittently. Their weapons had powered on, and the Humans were done for.

Screaming from an abrupt change in pressure, everyone was sent reeling towards the enemy, but they were sucked out into a void of all colors. Whatever was happening left Phoenix Crew totally bewildered. Before anyone had the time to venture a guess, they, too, were sucked by a vacuum. Walls, floors, Lokians, men, colors, a cat; all manners of images flashed before eyes, and then there was a stillness coupled with soft, white lights.

"Good to have you back, Captain, " a familiar voice said.

O'Hara sat up, incredulous. "Korit! What's going on?"

"No time! Just hold on."

O'Hara's men were beside him, safely sealed in by the airlock. Jostling impacts rumbled throughout the traveler's vessel, but it soon stabilized. Korit helped everyone up, and led them to sickbay, Human and Thewlian doctors started medical observations. O'Hara pushed someone in a lab coat away. He called for Kori

n his armpit, shaking his head. O'Hara lowered his arm. Korit looked them over, thanked them, and walked off, leaving the Human stunned.

"We have a problem, son, " Lay said, gravely.

"You've got to be kidding me, " he grumbled. "What could it possibly be?"

"News of our break in the social order reached Earth HQ, " Lay replied.

Social order, O'Hara wondered. "What? What are you talking about?"

"Someone leaked intel to Earth about meeting and working with Thewls."

"Only the colonists knew, and your and why would they have contact with Earth?"

"That's a good question. Unfortunately, we're being shut down, " he huffed. "You're a God damned hero, but you'll be returning to the Phoenix. Our lovely leader wants you to return the colonists to their former homes."

Such a welling of hate and anger flooded O'Hara's body. He was crushed, enraged, confused. Questions poured out of him.

"What leader? What are you talk about, Admiral? What the Hell is going on here?"

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