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   Chapter 88 No.88

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5341

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"Move out, " the captain said.

They ran through the large room in a daze. To their utter dread, they saw it was a place with moving, mechanical arms built into the walls and ceilings; a factory room fashioned to build more juggernauts. Several inactive ones lined their surroundings, but at the far end was a hatch mounted in the wall. It had no handle, didn't respond to biorhythms, and was the only point of entry. The captain pounded his fist against the closing.

"Open, you son of a bitch! We end this, " O'Hara screamed. "C'mon. I know you're scared, scared of us Humans!" There was nothing. A pang of fear ran through his stomach. He feared his anger was going to unleash dozens of juggernauts, but when nothing happened, he took a breath and yelled again. "Come on, you pathetic bitch! What kind of all-powerful race are you?!"

Tears flooded his eyes, and screaming, he blew it open with sparkling beams. A dozen paces away, his destination awaited.

Quietly, they boarded a circular platform, which raised the instant they set feet on it, and stopped at the floor of the control room, a place resembling a computer's internal circuitry. All the glowing, green tubes originated from a mass of mesh-like fibers, growing out from the center of the room. They were entangled there, spreading out in spirals over the ceiling, the floor, through the wall. Behind them, some blue lights flashed.

Everyone heard the distinct sound of weapons charging and they spread out. O'Hara caught sight of something at the far wall; the queen was no more than a large head mounted to shoulders. She

y; when they blew up, the platform shook loose and started descending. He took a few steps back, gave the queen the finger, and shoved out of there. They ran out and met up with the others.

O'Hara griped when wasps came fluttering towards them. "Oh my God! It doesn't end…."

Fitzpatrick, DeReaux, and Franklin, who had nabbed Nandy's gun, all fired into them. The rude, security drones were little more than a bother, but they did slow the crew down. They had less than ten minutes to fall back to the ship, if it was still available.

They worked hurriedly through the escape route, and back towards the docking bay. Seemingly, from nowhere, hoppers leapt onto the scene. They clawed and jumped through the corridor, a space so tight it actually restricted their agility, not that DeReaux was worried.

"Got us covered, Captain."

Bringing time to a standstill, he picked and chose his targets, fired at their joints, and immobilized them. O'Hara burned them to a crisp with his photon rifle. The worn spec ops crew pounded the pavement and pushed on.

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