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   Chapter 87 No.87

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5610

Updated: 2018-01-10 19:02

"No, God damn it, they killed Nandy!"

"I know!"

Gritting his teeth, DeReaux saw only angles of attack. It was simple after all, the juggernaut was barely moving, so far as he saw it. Every shot Day and Swain fired helped to stall its reactions, and it was aiming for Fitzpatrick; what little bits of tubes exposed from plating no longer seemed too small to hit; they were enormous, bigger than a bullet.

Each shot he fired spilled more and more fluids, ooze, which froze, corrupting the substance the beast used to move, or attack, or live. The beast groaned something awful, some gut wrenching, metallic belch. The sniper didn't care; a sublime peace washed over him.

He fired, side stepped, ducked from a swipe, stuck his shoulder into a kicking leg to reduce its impact, bounced off, slid to a stop, and fired again. He was laughing at the simplicity; the creature was limited in its attacks, and the others were handling whatever was left.

There was something bugging him, though. He wasn't able to put his finger on it what it was. Someone else did it for him; Adams had been thrown, and he crashed right in to DeReaux. With his concentration broken, he wasn't able to dodge a beam. Such pain wracked his chest, his lungs were emptied, and his vision tunneled, but the blow had sent him out from under the agent, and away from danger.

Adams pulled out a device resembling a fiber optical cable, a bright, white rope. Since the sniper was relatively fine, he ran to Fitzpatrick and Day, who were fighting off one last brawler. He had to leap over an orange beam, but on arrival, he wrapped the cable around the brawler's throat.

"C'mon! C'mon, " the agent ye

ground, unconscious.

Heavy breathing ensued. No one said a thing. Franklin took some awkward steps before running over to his partner. Among the remaining bits of the juggernaut, Adams lie severely wounded, and missing most of his arm. The photons had seared through his armor but the lockout system prevented loss of pressure and life support. With three men down, and no time to lose, O'Hara stood and gave his orders.

"We cross through this room and end it." His voice was ragged and gritty. "Fitzpatrick, take Adams' explosive. Franklin, get ready. Day, see to the wounded. DeReaux…."

"Not dead yet, " he coughed.

"Good…take the rear."


"Go, boss!"

O'Hara stumbled back to the bay door, took a look at what remained of Nandy, and set his jaw. Adams was lifeless, Swain was curled up like a ball, and Day started crying. O'Hara held back his own tears.

While Franklin readied his explosive, Fitzpatrick gingerly took the one from Adams, a dark, blue canister about the size of a soda bottle. Franklin then took the one from Fitzpatrick and started setting up the timer and detonator.

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