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   Chapter 86 No.86

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5422

Updated: 2018-01-10 19:02

Adams and Franklin exchanged a look and shook their heads. A giddy Swain fired into the door. Chunks of it froze over. It was riddled with holes; frozen segments imploded with a puff of ice. O'Hara touched Swain's shoulder.

It was evident that the barrier wasn't going down easily, and no one wanted to waste too much ammo. The captain unleashed photon fury into the frozen portions, resulting in an opening the size of a dog.

"Okay, " he huffed and made to lift his leg.

Something jostled them, and he stopped with his foot at the hole. Fitzpatrick leapt into him, taking him to the ground. Deafening, metallic droning ensued; a steel claw grabbed at the opening from beyond the door, and tore it away with brain rattling crunches.

Before them stood a six legged juggernaut, a monster big as a house. All they saw was a crab-like torso mounted to a ball joint, which hooked the legs' platform. The sheer girth of the beast was enough to stun them, but silvery cannons grew out of the back and shoulder plates.

Everyone scurried off in different directions, except DeReaux; he only stepped back and exhaled. The juggernaut was covered in metal plating. Vital tubes ran under the plates, exposing very small targets. The Lokian's head was also armored, but there was a single, organic eye in its forehead. Unfortunately, there was a lens, something like glass, covering the black, beady optic.

I got this, DeReaux smiled. He lifted his rifle, peered through the scope, and aimed for the lens. He fired, and the bullet smacked the optic, knocking the creature back a step, but it spun its torso, raising its cla

ut from her lungs before she slammed into Fitzpatrick. The impact knocked them both out of the reach of the juggernaut, whose claw came smashing down right between them. Nandesrikahl fired at the beast, drew its rage, and made to take off when his head bounced off a wall; a Lokian leapt at him, smashed him against the tattered door, and just ripped him apart.

"Son of a bitch, " Franklin growled. He snatched a shard grenade from his harness, crawled up the brawler's shell, reached over, jammed the grenade into its mouth, and held it there. "Eat it! Eat it!"

At the very last second, he flipped backwards. Part of the Lokian's head popped off, but it was far from dead.

"Move it, Frankie, " Swain yelled and took aim.

The agent bolted, and the big man peppered the perpetrator with freezing ammo. O'Hara ran by to finish it off; goo splattered everywhere. Behind him, orange beams sizzled through the air. Fitzpatrick took off, firing, trying to draw the juggernaut from the captain.

"Listen to me, Captain, " she called. "Adams was right. Get Franklin and go!"

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