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   Chapter 83 No.83

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5398

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"They've all been suicide runs, man, " she said. "Fuck it. Let's do it!"

"Real quick, " DeReaux started. "What if their ships attack us? Like, what if the queen calls for back up while we're docked?"

"We'll just have to use the F.T.L. or some other crazy scheme that'll get us killed in the process, " O'Hara replied, nonchalantly.

"Oh, this is rich, " Nandesrikahl remarked.

"We have a fighting chance, " Franklin said.

"That's something, " Adams added.

"More than we've had lately, " Day agreed.

"Roger that, " O'Hara said.

"Okay…so…are we all set, Captain, " Day asked.

"Admiral Lay? Captain O'Hara. Copy?" he called into his comm. link.

"Go ahead, Captain."

"We're set to go. Do we have clearance?"

"Clear on my end. Good luck, Captain. Lay, out."

"He's so chipper, " Fitzpatrick joked.

"We're set, Miss Day. Power the propulsion systems, " the captain ordered.


"O'Hara to ground crew, unseal the hangar door."

"The door is open, Captain. You may proceed, " a soldier answered.

Day hovered out of the hangar. Flying the Lokian was just like Mittins, if a little less responsive, more stiff. She saw the scientists and military officials gazing. Finally, she reached so high, the hangar was but a speck.

Beyond Eon, and completely out of the Gemini system—a ploy to create a safe distance from the effects of the space-time puncture—Day engaged the subatomic, condenser organ, causing the surrounding space-time continuum to collapse into itself. As soon as the hole was punched, the ship was inevitably sucked into a void.

Readings registered as

negatively impacted by the destruction of the Lokians. It doesn't matter, though, he thought. Every choice I've made has led me to this one. No second guessing…there really is no choice; I'm just here to act.

"Captain, " DeReaux asked.


"She's starting."

"Running systems cover, Captain, " Day stated.

It was a program to disguise all other programs, except the original, Lokian runtimes. After that, she released a signal, indicating the ship had found a civilization. Since data transfer between Lokians was instantaneous, as soon as she fired off her message, she received transmissions from headquarters.

"Whoa, they're fast, " she whispered.

"What is it, " O'Hara asked.

"Data was downloaded and spread to surrounding Lokians."

Many other ships, some of a monstrous magnitude, traveled from subspace to standard space-time. They whizzed by Day's vision, frightening her, but everything was working out as planned. She allowed the ship to drift a moment. Suddenly, the transporter lurched. A painful flash of light forced from her a cry.

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