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   Chapter 82 No.82

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5106

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"Remember, we are one ship amidst billions of enemies. Any foul up, and we're dead. Day, bring up the screen."

On the bridge's wall, a screen glowed. They turned to find it displaying a 3-D layout of the Lokian home world as provided by data within local servers.

"Lokians don't dock the way we do. They organize like pieces of a program. Data is shared via their satellite uplink, " Day explained.

The image spun, revealing an odd mass. The labeling indicated where vessels docked and registered. The captain weighed the possibilities as he observed the image. Something clicked in his brain; they were not only a hive; they were a digital hive.

"The plan is to show up with information of a new civilization ripe for harvesting, " he started. "Obviously, it's false information, but it'll entice them to send out a scouting party…we believe." Swain and the agents nodded. "While they scramble, their systems will detect an anomaly within our vessel. If I'm right, and let's pray that I am, the Lokians will order us to a physical docking in order to flush the memory core and re-establish programming."

"Similar to reinstalling an OS on a computer with a virus, " Swain added.

"Right, this is our opportunity to leave the ship and enter the Lokian's system core. Day's data shows it here, " O'Hara said, pointing to a darkened, round opening in the flashing, 3-D display, "like an enormous hangar where they store everything including the physical equipment they need to do whatever it is that they do. Now, we m


"Oh, okay this is funny, " Fitzpatrick inquired as she raised her hands to her sides.

"Well…maybe not haha funny…."

The agents shook their heads, exchanged a glance, and smiled.

"Is there a way to drop the subspace drive, maybe, and set it on a time delay to explode so we can avoid danger, " Fitzpatrick asked in a leading fashion.

"No, " Swain said. "Without the drive, we can't leave subspace. Even at F.T.L. travel we might survive the blast, but we'll be marooned."

"So we could drop it, " DeReaux countered.

"But we'd still be dead, " Swain chortled.

"What about a second drive? A back up or something, " Fitzpatrick probed further.

"No, not without a second, Lokian ship. Even if we captured another, we have no way of piloting it. Day is the only one who can do it, " O'Hara snipped. "I need you guys to understand, this could very well be a one way trip."

Silence hung in the air for a moment. Abruptly, Fitzpatrick exploded into a belly laugh. The joke was lost on everyone.

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