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   Chapter 81 No.81

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5245

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The time had come. Thewlian programmers devised a basic, operating code allowing Day to link with the alien through the newly fashioned helm. For safety reasons, the helm was built outside the vessel, and cables ran from the chair and helmet to the thing's innards. After careful consideration, and words of confidence provided by O'Hara, she took her seat, and holding her breath, she established a connection with local servers.

It took a long time to translate the Lokian codes into binary—Nandy was none too pleased—but when their combined efforts came to fruition, they created a hybrid program to fully access the alien's systems, including the subspace drives. As it turned out, how they functioned was irrelevant. What was important was her ability to control them.

Rounds of applause clamored throughout the hangar. Swain praised God. Then, O'Hara called everyone together.

"Alright, we've come this far, and that's great, but we still have a problem. We don't know where to go or how to navigate subspace."

"I've spent some time scanning Lokian data. There are bits of messages relayed to and from the ship, " Day said. "The ship received orders from multiple programs from a solitary source. I think it's the Lokian in charge…the queen."

"Does that mean you know where to go, " O'Hara asked.

"It means I don't have to. I can tell the ship to take us back to its point of origin, " she replied, gravely.

"Stellar work, Day, " the admiral said.

O'Hara glanced at everyone. They looked ready, determined. The agents nodded to him. Lay

se. Martinez, Zakowski, Imes, Becker, and several Thewls…countless lives gone in the blink of an eye; for them, we must put this mission—the fate of our world—before ourselves, and know, not fear, that we may fall as well, but not until we've succeeded. Failure now is bigger than the end of the world…it's beyond the end of the world…it's the end of all intelligent life in this galaxy…."

Furrowed brows, stoic faces, and deep breaths resonated. Adams and Franklin traded glances. DeReaux smiled. O'Hara smiled, too. He took one, good, hard look at the crew.

"Phoenix Crew, can I get a hoorah?" the captain screamed.

The crew resounded with a booming hoorah in return.

"I said, what's that? Can I get a hoorah?" Again, the crew fired back, hoorah! O'Hara's smiled melted away then. "Alright, as far as the plan goes, " he started, but gave one of Lay's patented, long inhalations. "We kept the original Lokian programming embedded in our own runtimes in order to hide that we're using a rogue ship. Hopefully, this lets us blend in.

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