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   Chapter 79 No.79

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5288

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"This is freaking amazing, " he whispered.

"What, " Levine asked.

"These aliens…they're a hundred percent efficient, wasting nothing, " he met her eyes, adding, "It's too bad they destroy other civilizations to harvest tech. I have to admit, considering what they can do in their natural state, I don't understand what's turned them into terrorists; there's really no need for them to do what they do…."

Everyone looked at him. He just shook his head in disbelief. Levine turned her lips inwards, touching his wrist.

"We can learn a lot from them, though…that's for sure, " he breathed.

"Great, all that's left is their subspace capabilities."

Excitement gave way to irritation. They were all still stumped on that matter. Swain rubbed the back of his head; he felt cramped, hungry. Nevertheless, he plopped back into his chair and rolled over to monitors, where he reviewed more data.

He saw nothing explaining methods for puncturing space-time. His mind darted between the traveler's ship, which created wormholes, the Carrier, which bent space-time, and the inexplicable Lokian. Hoping a full recapitulation of all events inspired a new train of thought, he puffed.

"Criminy, I'm hungry, " he chuckled.


Day had not seen Swain for over a week. She knew well enough he had a habit of getting wrapped up in his machinations. Her determination to get him to take a break took her for a long stroll from the military, housing sector to the labs.

It was a warm and windy morning. Gusts fluttered her hair, and a sense of anxiety made everyone around h

cheese sub. He then took a cart into the city outskirts. Normally, there was paperwork and copies of I.D.'s, but he didn't have time for all that. He just drove off before anyone noticed, kicking dust in his wake while he devoured his lunch.

The outdoors was invigorating. He hadn't left the lab for anything short of food and sleep, and several times, he ate and napped at his desk. Crisp, clean air filled his lungs. Stopping short in front of the space cat, he marveled once again at its exquisiteness.

"Should call it One Bad Kitty Beast, or O.B.K.B, " he snickered.

Placing his hand on the door, he watched it sink down to reveal steps leading to the interior airlock, and beyond it, were three doors, leading to various decks. There was an ominous, dead air about the craft when powered down, sterile, like a morgue; none of the lights were on.

He made his way through the semi darkness and to the bridge, where he simply plunked down in the helm. He fumbled for the switch next to the rail, and the headgear came down from the ceiling.

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