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"Gasses from nebulae…."

"Wow…I'm speechless, " Levine replied as she continued to chronicle Swain's assertions. "So, what else is there? I was speaking with the group you put in charge of propulsion. They said the systems were dark matter particles contained by an organ filled with liquid Xenon. Apparently, it creates an anti-gravity field, allowing the Lokian to maneuver."

Swain bobbed his head up and down slightly as he both agreed and thought about the discovery. "That's just about it. We pretty much know what makes this thing tick."

The final mysteries revolved around whether or not the beast had awareness, and how it punctured space-time. Long days drifted by as the team started piecing the creature back together. At the end of one of those days, he discovered something peculiar inside the Lokian's tubing.

Originally, it was thought that the tubes, which were clearly a mechanical addition, served to move hydraulic fluids and condensed gasses throughout organs or appendages, which was only partially correct. One set of tubes in particular carried neurons assisted by nanobots. The discovery implied that the creature was not only alive and aware of itself, but it implemented assisting programs, and that led to the discovery of an uplink system.

Swain sat in a swivel chair, rotating from side-to-side. Blankly, he stared at the monstrosity hanging from cables in the hangar. Whatever time it was there was no one around. The squeaking of his swiveling chair echoed throughout.

The image of the hangar sank into darkness as Swain focused on the swivels' echoes. After the suspension systems vanished from sight, he felt a buzzing in

s hum reverberated throughout the hangar. Swain told everyone to keep their cool; that it was just on, but not aware of itself.

Successful activation of programs provided the scientists control over everything but faster than light travel, subspace travel, and the feeding system. A quality assurance team then ran several diagnostics. They found the Lokian not only inhaled gasses, but also fed off various intensities of light—not the standard spectrum, but infra-red, ultra-violet, and even gamma rays—it became evident that from time to time, the creature had to make pit stops near stars, which also explained how they turned bioluminescence into highly excited photons.

"Ho-ly cow, " Swain muttered.

"See these readings, " Levine started, but she noticed he was spacing out.

With the creature up and running, a mind shattering occurrence took place. Swain saw how bioluminescence was condensed. Photons were isolated and moved in circuit through the previously unfamiliar protuberances. The photons were then rerouted through tubes, which acted like nerves, carrying light energy rather than neurons.

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