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   Chapter 77 No.77

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5368

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"I have business with Admiral Yew. Men…."

The Thewls took a different lift. Everyone else gathered together. The captain frowned, giving Adams his attention.

"What's the issue?"

"Protocol, really. Certain actions must be undertaken before we introduce this thing to Horizon colony, " Adams explained. "It's an alien. We have regulations for these matters. Don't we, Franklin?"

"Didn't we just skip all that nonsense with the Thewls, " Fitzpatrick countered.

"No, " Adams said, unhindered.

"Well, I don't think there's time for much protocol, here. You're just going to have to make some shortcuts, " the captain ordered.

"Okay, " Adams replied, still unhindered.

"Alright…soon as everyone's ready, we'll snatch the transporter and head back to Eon."

Later that day, O' Hara convened with the science team. Their preliminary scans revealed nothing dangerous about the alien; for all intents and purposes, it was dead, so the Humans boarded the traveler ship while Swain stayed behind to join the Thewls on an Explorer bound for Eon.

Outside the carrier, Day maneuvered the Lokian beyond Eon's atmosphere. Right after landing, she opened a channel to Lay, informing him of their arrival. In reply, the admiral said to bring the alien to the colony. Just moments later, all ships grouped on dusty, brown soil.

Outside the ships, crews huddled together to gasp at the beast, and Swain revealed his instructions. "We've got a whole bunch of stuff to study, so we need a crew for the exo-skeletal plating, a crew for whatever organs are in there, a crew for weaponry, and so on."

in relayed.

"How do you mean, " a scientist asked.

Swain looked away from a splayed out tentacle, and the work station rematerialized before his eyes. "Levine? I didn't know you were part of this, " he exclaimed, scrambling to his feet.

"Yes. I've been here almost two days, " she said as she adjusted her tight ponytail.

"Why didn't you speak to me earlier?"

"I have been, but you're so engrossed in your work, you always are, " she commented with a smile.

She wore black lipstick and painted her nails black; a strange sight to Thewls, but not to Swain. He chuckled then finished his previous point.

"As I was saying, the tentacles grow the lenses, like clams make pearls. A small piece of organic matter similar to the lens in an eye is placed inside the tentacle tip. In time, the appendage grows, adding materials about the lens. The lasers are produced by a bioluminescence organ contained at the base of the tentacle; it turns food energy into infra-red light, which is focused through the lens after photons reach a state of high agitation."

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