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   Chapter 76 No.76

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5629

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"One's busted up pretty bad, " she replied. "My readings show the other's okay, just, I don't know, unconscious."

"One's all we need, " Adams nodded.

"Unconscious, " Nandy muttered. "Is that safe?"

"That's the one we need, " O'Hara asserted. "Grab it, and let's get the Hell out of here."

"Copy, " Day said.

She punched a wormhole in space, engaged the tractor beam, hooked the sleeping vessel, and flung it into the space-time aperture. Then, she went right in behind it. Moments later, they emerged before the Gemini system.

Chapter Twenty Three

Jor-Tune leaned against the bridge's wall, speaking to Admiral Yew through his comm. unit. Then, he addressed the crew, relaying that he announced their success. Day waited patiently for Thewls to finish their correspondence as she needed clearance to dock with the Carrier.

"You may proceed, Miss Day, " Jor-Tune said.

She maneuvered closer to the giant ship, looking on while the bottom compartment slid out and into place. First, she released the Lokian by gingerly laying it onto an unoccupied platform, which rose into a sealed compartment. After operatives announced that it was clear, Day landed on another lift, which also rose into position. Finally, the interior lockout system re-pressurized, and beneath them, the whole Carrier closed docking bay doors.

The crew marched from their ship to witness a sea of Thewlian scientists using small cranes and lifts to move the defeated Lokian to the proper area. The head Thewl on the project was a short, stocky alien, who introduced himself as Frep. At a modest, seven feet in height, the twitchy alien ambled up to the captain and initiated a handshake th

ed without taking his eyes off the research below.

"Any headway on contacting the Ykelvesh, " O'Hara asked.

"Yvlekesh...and no. I find this disturbing. We'll travel to their home system and see if we can find something. I fear the worst, however. They may have suffered serious attacks. I think the best course of action is to drop the Lokian at your station on Eon and allow the research to continue while we travel to Scroccio, " Ambassador Weh said.

"Scroccio? The Ylvekesh home world, " O'Hara asked.

"Yvlekesh...and yes, Captain."

O'Hara took a deep breath and excused himself. Move the Lokian to Eon? Boy, that'll give the colonists a reason to unite. Maybe that is a good idea. He walked carefully down the enormous, steel steps to his crew. Seeing these things up close and personal should light a fire under Horizon's ass.

While making for the elevators, Adams revealed that he was against moving the Lokian. O'Hara looked at him askew for a second then looked at Franklin, who shrugged as if he didn't know why Adams was acting surreptitiously. Before O'Hara said anything more, Korit spoke up.

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