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   Chapter 75 No.75

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5505

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"Good…here we go, " O'Hara said.

"Soon as they're in range, I'll nail them with a photon beam. I should be able to destroy one with a precision strike. Likely, they'll both release fighters. If I keep moving while cloaked, they won't be able to pick up our trail, hopefully. All I have to do then is disable the other ship, and hook it with the electron, tractor beam, " Day reported.

"Sound plan, " Franklin commented.

The crew was on edge, feeling helpless. Their fingers itched for part of the action, and worse yet, they didn't know for sure if they were equipped to deal serious damage. Day was nervous, but composed when the transporters came into view.

Her new and improved perspective allowed her a better look at the enemy; they looked like Sidewinder, fighter ships, an old, helicopter-like, space vessel. The fins, or wings, did look like fish fins with webbing half way down, but that was pretty much where their aquatic likeness ended. She sluggishly listed to the left then let loose a white photon beam, busting through a Lokian.

The photon cannon was a mobile weapon with a lens used for harnessing energy attached to a flexible, alloy tube. The tube propelled the photons in their pre-excited stage into the lens, which provided the helmsman the ability to unleash the attack beam in a most complex manner, not unlike the movement of the arc laser. As predicted, all the fighters scrambled and barreled towards her former position.

Immediately after entering combat formations, the fighters revealed their telescopic cannons. Day hurriedly elevated to a position above the Lokians, firing another photon beam. White l

, and blasted the crew with all remaining weapons while the other drop ship snuck in from the flank. More and more red beams bounced off shielding. Sparks sizzled out in a dizzying display, causing the bridge to flash like a rock concert.

"A few more blows like that, and we're gonna' take some damage, " she yelled.

"You can do it, " the crew cheered.

Rolling up and away from enemies, a tight, spiraling surge pierced a Lokian power source; the vessel went dark, and melted chitin floated off. "Got it! Uh-oh, " she cringed.

"What is it, " Korit snarled.

"The other one's opening a black hole!"

The pull of the subspace tear started affecting her maneuverability, but the Lokian had to remain stationary to complete its escape path. Day nailed it just behind the fore tentacles, puncturing its power supply. Energy signatures dwindled, and that ship also drifted off.

"Oh, my gawd, " she groaned. "That's a wrap, Cap'…."

They all hollered in triumph. Some slapped hands. Others hugged. O'Hara was ecstatic, praising Day to the heavens.

"We got two, huh, " Swain asked.

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