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   Chapter 74 No.74

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5730

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"I think maybe we can work something out. The Lokians have never attacked the Thewlian Carrier outright, " Swain began.

"Except for the time when they did, " Day interjected.

"That was a different situation. They were trying to keep us from succeeding at a specific task, " Korit responded.

"Right, anyway, as I was trying to say, it's big, it's powerful, but moreover, I don't think they can track it because of the way it travels, " Swain ventured. "There are too many possibilities of when and where it might appear.

"If we rig the satellite, and send a distress signal, some Lokians might appear in the hopes of using it as bait. If they suspect an Explorer vessel or even a Carrier might appear to rescue crewmembers they might sit and wait in order to mount a surprise attack."

"That's a lot of mights, " O'Hara remarked.

"Yeah, " Swain frowned.

"How did they know to appear when we went to Sahagun, " Flem inquired.

Eyes narrowed and brows furrowed, but no one had any answers. There was a short pause then someone spoke up.

"It's not illogical to assume that when we were attacked on Marduk, one or more of us left with some sort of tracking device. We might not have noticed, " Adams replied, slowly.

A brief moment of fear and uncertainty washed over the crew. "Surely, after all the battles and gear repairs, someone would have noticed, " Fitzpatrick cut in.

"This is all speculation, for all we know they have an organic method for tracking the Carrier's data archives, " Swain remarked.

"It's irrelevant at this point. Let's get back to the satellite, " the captain ordered.

"Okay. Say they do in fact choose to hide and wait, won't they do so en masse, " Day asked.

on. O'Hara had confidence in his plan, but the first twenty four hours passed with no incident. With so much downtime, they found themselves huddling around the traveler; on occasion they got a little refresher course on their abilities. Thewls had little else to do, so they attempted the meditation techniques given them.

The second day, the helm dinged. Only Day heard it. She checked the readings to find a subspace disturbance. She notified the crew, and they all ran to the bridge.

"Battle stations, " she yelled.

The crew perked up, momentarily confused. They frantically looked around the bridge before realizing the joke; Day was in control of the vessel's every aspect. The rest were just willing participants along for the ride.

A few thousand miles away, a black hole opened and faster than light speeds registered in Day's mind. Then, a strange energy signature negated the black hole, leaving two, large signatures.

"Two transporters...I think, " she breathed. Her scanners tracked the movement. Aliens headed for the satellite. "At their current rate of speed, they should arrive at the bait in under two hours."

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