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   Chapter 73 No.73

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5226

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"Since the Lokians attacked Sahagun, they must have been trying to find the travelers. Logically, they wanted to destroy them in order to achieve galactic control. They probably didn't expect a Thewlian presence. If we return, we may find them employing a similar strategy, " Nandesrikahl said as he held his fingers to his chin in thought.

"Doubtful, " DeReaux snipped. "If what you're saying is true then they probably regrouped and attacked again after we left, probably destroying the whole planet and all the travelers there."

"Oh." O'Hara didn't like the sound of that.

"Don't be pessimistic, " Korit intervened. "We can at least visit Sahagun and see what's there."

"Well, hold on, " the captain started, "Day, do we have stealth systems? Maybe we can show up undetected. If there are Lokians there, we could get swarmed. You remember those fish-type transporters? They can clearly punch a hole into subspace."

"You know what, " Fitzpatrick asked. "That's probably the kind of ship we want. That thing's gotta' be able to get to their subspace, queen hive."

They shuddered at the thought. Not only was nabbing a transporter dangerous, but it was filled with fighters, and the added prospect of entering the hive was beyond disturbing. Nevertheless, Day listened and sifted through files related specifically to her vessel. Apart from the fact that a strange word kept popping up, not that it was a word per se`, but that's how she managed to understand it, she found that the meta-material coating was designed to do more than bend light; it r

of the sky.

"What about the other Lokians, the ones we fight on foot, " Flem asked.

"Maybe they're in the fighters, " Franklin replied. "Maybe they act like actual cockroaches…."

Everyone looked at him.

"Cockroaches have a worm inside them—a parasite—that lives in the bug. Maybe the fighters have pilots that act like parasites, " Adams elucidated.

"This keeps sounding worse and worse, " Fitzpatrick cringed.

"What about that satellite, " Jor-tune suddenly said.

"What about it, " Swain asked in return.

"What if we configure it to send out a signal or energy reading that might attract a small group of Lokians? Hopefully, they just send a single scout to check it out."

Swain thought long and hard. Most of the satellite was intact. It was just the relay components that had rendered it useless.

"If it could be rebuilt, rigging it to send out a distress signal, a fake S.O.S. of sorts, might entice a very small group of Lokians, " he admitted

"That's actually a really great idea, " O'Hara weighed in.

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