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   Chapter 72 No.72

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5304

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"So, now we wait in orbit, " Swain asked.

"That is one approach, " Jor-Tune said.

Nandy shot him a look. He knew the Thewl had been sarcastic, which made him chuckle.

"There are systems the Lokians stake out. In fact we may be able to go to our old, home world, " Flem suggested.

"I thought the Lokians destroyed it like eighty years ago or something, " Fitzpatrick remarked.

"Well, we might as well start there and work our way out, " Korit replied.

Day was on her own, no guiding hands, eyes, or otherwise. She took deep, slow breaths and worked her way through the ship's systems. She found the Thewlian home world in a data archive. After honing in on its location, she activated the warp drive. The ship rocketed out of Eon's orbit.

It was a fantastic experience, a thirty second thrill ride through space and time, after which, the ship emerged on the other side of the space-time tube in a vast expanse of darkness. Peering through the ship's perspective, she saw a damaged satellite listing by.

"I wonder what that does, " she murmured.

"What what does, " O'Hara asked.

"There's a busted satellite out here."

"Grab it, get it inside, " Swain clapped.

"Uh, okay…let me see…."

It took her only a moment to locate a tractor beam, which protruded from the cat's head. By releasing a simple, electron field, Day engulfed the object then pulled it in. Everyone heard a clang ring through the vessel; the satellite had struck the fuselage. Frowning, she rummaged through more programs before finding a secondary bay door.

"Okay, hold on."


olonize. While they tossed around ideas trying to get more help from the traveler, the rest of the crew made time to settle into the ship.

Adams and Franklin searched the armory, hoping to find the suits of light the ambassador had mentioned. Instead, they found a handful of outdated, plasma weapons. The medical lab was something else. Neither Adams nor Franklin were shocked to see its contents, though. Adams ran his hands along the smooth glass of a very large canister. There were some lining the lab's wall, all attached by metal contraptions running the length of the ceiling.

"Remember these, " he asked.

"If only I could forget. My God…the pain, " Franklin commented.

"Still, I think it was worthwhile…."

"Getting marooned was not."

"No…no it wasn't, " Adams whispered.


Furniture and niceties were lacking throughout the ship. Travelers had no use for any luxuries or creature comforts. By the time everyone started getting antsy—wondering if there were any clues—Nandesrikahl suggested they try going back to Sahagun.

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