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   Chapter 69 No.69

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Admiral Lay stopped short and took a trademark, pensive inhalation. "Well…as it stands, I'll begin relations with these Yvlekesh. It would help me to have a Thewlian assistant to smooth things over, though. Perhaps, it's time to let the colony in on some of what's been going on, " Admiral Lay said, carefully.

He took a moment to mull things over as he walked around and eyed the aliens, his men, the odd ship. He was impressed with the Thewls, and equally curious.

"Do any of you have public relations experience?" A relatively small and quiet Thewl took a step forwards. Though she had accompanied the men to retrieve the vessel, she had not spoken a word to the Human crew. She remained quiet then, too. "Good. I'm Admiral John Lay of the Earth Navy, " he announced and extended a hand.

"Yon of the Thewls. What do you need, Admiral?" she asked in a soft voice.

The admiral placed a hand on her elbow as he turned and walked away a polite distance. The two left the crew to their own devices for a moment. O'Hara overheard Lay inform Yon of the necessary steps required in bringing her to the colony for communications with Ambassador Weh and subsequently the Yvlekesh.

"Something's wrong, " Nandy said.

"What is it, " Korit asked.

"Yon contacted Admiral Yew, but he said they haven't been able to reach the Yvlekesh."

All of the Thewls darkened in complexion. When the admiral and Yon returned, O'Hara noticed the hard look in Lay's baby blues.

"What's the word, Sir?"

"I won't lie to you, Captain. The Thewls are having some troubles of their own, but I won't bore you with details. While you're all here,

remark. "Buck up. I'm going to check on the crew, " the admiral responded and left.

The captain breathed in the cool air of Eon. He was rattled, in disbelief. Lay's comments made no sense, and as he looked at Humans, Thewls, the young and the experienced, he knew he wasn't alone in missing former teammates, but neither was he alone in the war for survival.

Chapter Twenty

Camp was set up between the ships. Questions regarding the odd vessel arose, but O'Hara maintained it was nothing special. His old crew was glad to have him back, and even happier to finally have a meet and greet with Thewls.

Day and Roberts met up to discuss recent events. Nandy and Swain stuck around their new, Thewlish friends while occasionally chastising the scientists for a lack of manners. Conversations revolved around missing crewmembers, the Lokian threat, and what the future held.

Hours into R and R, and O'Hara felt both relieved and exhausted. Glossing over recent tribulations wasn't his thing, so he told everyone to bug Fitzpatrick and DeReaux. The two didn't seem to mind anyway.

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