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   Chapter 68 No.68

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 4714

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"Captain, " she asked.


"We're here."



"You must be joking, " DeReaux said.


The crewmembers all looked at each other. "Uh, okay. Franklin, open a channel to the colony. I need Admiral Lay, " O'Hara ordered.

"I can do one better, " Day interjected.

She routed the communicators worn by the crew through a broadband system in the ship via a special frequency created by the vessel's communications equipment. As she hooked onto the frequency provided by Franklin's comm., Day felt a wavering pressure around her. She pointed, indicating they were set.

"What, " O'Hara asked.

"Speak, " she said.

"This is Admiral Lay. Copy?" the admiral's voice came in clearly.

"Um, y-yes, Sir. We copy, " the captain stammered.

"Good to hear your voice, son. Adams and Franklin have kept me posted on everything so far. I'm sorry for the loss of your friends. We've had to keep their deaths a secret. Otherwise, colonists might discover your real mission."

Elation washed over the captain. Even though mentioning dead friends was depressing, his superior's steady voice gave a surge of optimism. Everyone was anxious to set up a meeting.

"This new ship we have is remarkable, Sir. We'll rendezvous at the original site."

"Sure thing. Lay, out."

Day eased the ship to the ground then opened the side hatch. The headgear she wore slid off before she

und vessel was large and red; it was the Phoenix. He knew Lay was coming. While the Humans had snapped to attention, the Thewls looked on. Adams explained why they had become immobile.

The Phoenix let out a burst from retro boosters before slowly descending. Upon reaching optimal, ground proximity, eight, landing pedestals ejected and touched down. The bay door opened, unleashing a platform.

In full dress, Admiral Lay emerged, donning his cap. Light glinted off his insignia. O'Hara approached and saluted. The admiral returned a salute, and the captain quickly recounted the last few weeks of the mission, including the battles they fought, the tech they recovered, and the plan to unite the races. Lay nodded understandingly.

"I'm not surprised, son. I should like to meet this traveler as well, and take a look inside that ship."

"There is a possibility the Lokians will attack Earth or the colony, Sir, " O'Hara stated.

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