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   Chapter 67 No.67

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5687

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They walked for hours; from labs, to housing quarters, even what looked like an armory. Every room had a faint light emanating from the ceiling or from tubes and pipes running in and out of the corridors. Eventually, they stepped onto what looked like a bridge and realized they probably boarded the ship during the long haul.

"This is it, isn't it, " O'Hara said as he looked around for controls.

It was a tight, empty room, but apart from a lone, silvery contraption resembling an old dentist's chair, he found no sign of navigational equipment. Humans and Thewls meandered about, unimpressed. The traveler looked to Day.

He approached her, put his hands on her shoulders, and a flash of light assaulted her. Like a quick, migraine headache, she felt her mind break. Pictures, scenes, and phrases barraged her brain. She let out a scream before slumping to her knees. The crew ran over to her, but she took a few breaths and stood.

"I'm okay. I think I got my gift, " she said and laughed.

Cautiously, she made for the chair, running her hand over it. After sitting comfortably, she found a button below the side railing. Pressing it resulted in a faint, purple light, which shone over her. A panel also slid open above her head, and a helmet with tubes and wires slowly descended.

With a glance at the traveler, she pondered the results of removing her helmet. He simply nodded. The crew about freaked out when she started to remove her gear, but she replied that he had said it was fine, referring to the creature.

After switching headgear, she found the ship's was a little loose at first, but something spun inside resulting in a comfortable fit. The area in front of her face be

ing to run around and see what there was. Left to maneuver the ship without interruptions, Day found the sensation similar to swimming. There was a pressure all around her, but moving was effortless.

The travelers were beyond amazing. A guiding voice, not that it was auditory, but she had no other way to intellectualize the phenomenon, helped her to access the navigation systems where she located Eon. At normal speed, she needed less than two years to reach the planet. That alone was amazing, but even more so was the warp drive, an unparalleled ability to create wormholes, events that acted as conduits between space-time, eliminating the need to locate existing wormholes.

The crew was unaware of what was taking place. They had no clue they were even traveling, but Day had an exceptional experience; something like being flushed down a toilet while running backwards, uphill, in the snow, barefoot. The trip took a meager thirty seconds before exiting into the Gemini system, where she saw the purple and green gem in all its heavenly glory. Seconds later, she landed in the same area where they first met the Thewls.

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