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   Chapter 64 No.64

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5141

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DeReaux blinked rapidly; his eyes were dry. The Thewl who had stepped from the elevator nodded to him before shuffling off to do inventory.

"What the Hell was that, " DeReaux gasped.

"What did you see, " Fitzpatrick was anxious.

"Everything was slow, I, I don't know."

"Could you see everything around you, like move around, like, like, you're just a pair of eyes or something?"

"What? No! Is that what you got, " he asked. "I didn't get that at all. Everything was just slow, but I guess, I felt like I knew how to do…whatever needed to be done, like before on the battlefield, only I was in control this time."

"I'm glad it isn't just me then. We should tell everyone, " she declared.

They returned to the quarters deck and attempted amassing the crew by running excitedly from door to door. They pounded while screaming about the traveler. Korit and some Thewls joined up when Fitzpatrick started a hurried explanation. DeReaux followed up with his version. For a moment, they all looked at each other.

"Perhaps these are gifts, " Korit finally ventured.

Adams and Franklin exchanged a trademark glance. "What do you two know, " Swain asked.

"Surprisingly, nothing, " Adams answered after a pause.

"Although, " Franklin began.

"What?" Fitzpatrick demanded.

"Well… No. I don't know, " Franklin said and looked down with a furrowed brow.

"Okay, this is the first time either of you have been at a complete loss. Now, I have to know, " O'Hara chuckled.

"Guess we should all get down there, " Day s

of all those was best and when to utilize such decisions.

Chapter Nineteen

A knock on the door awakened Day. She looked at the door, then around the room. Flem had already left. She rolled out of bed to open the door. Captain O'Hara was on the other side. He greeted her with a smile.

"Morning, Captain, " she said and snapped a salute.

He returned it, saying, "Right, join me for breakfast?"

She furrowed her brow and smiled, "Sure. Everything okay?"

A smile flickered across his face. The two walked to the mess hall, passing Thewls along the way. To their amazement, they found new, shorter tables and smaller chairs had been set out. Smaller plates and utensils were also available.

"Anyway, we'll arrive at Soft Light soon, and then who knows. Every time we go anywhere, we run the risk of being attacked. I just wanted to take some time and tell you how much I appreciate your friendship. You're not just one of my crew. You're my friend, and I cherish that, " he said as he stared into his food.

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