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   Chapter 62 No.62

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5058

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"I have work to do, " she stood and walked away allowing her hand to linger on his shoulder as she left.

"Joi de vivre, I wonder if that was a sign…."


The loss of friends took its toll on everyone. Some found solace in solitude, others in groups, some wanted to punch walls. Fitzpatrick had slept for over fourteen hours, something she never did, but recent events had left her worn out, totally drained.

Awake, she stared at the ceiling. It looked perforated, which reminded her of the mesh tubes growing out of the Lokians. Fighting those things was a serious issue; the creatures were simply unbeatable by Human standards, which made her wonder about the queen and their home world, so she washed up, and made off for O'Hara's room, only he wasn't there.

"Seen the captain, " she asked his Thewlian roommate.

"He went to Flem's quarters to see Day."

Fitzpatrick nodded, frowned, and left. She walked to the open door then knocked out of politeness. The three greeted her and invited her in.

"'Sup, guys, " she said.

"Hey, " Day smiled.

"You two gettin' cozy, " Fitzpatrick asked.

"Nothing like that…I guess, " O'Hara frowned.

Day winced, gave him a look, and excused herself.

"Wrong move, Captain Love, " Fitzpatrick snipped.

"Yeah, well it's probably best to keep our distance anyway, " he replied and looked down at his boots.

"Well, that's a load of shit, " Fitzpatrick spat.

"Maybe, I should leave, too, " Flem said, slowly.

"No, hold on, " he said with

a visit. The elevator door slid open after she pushed the call button, and she walked in, taking it down to the loading zone, where she found the traveler. He was still standing there, meditating, or sleeping, or doing whatever he did. Deckhands scurried around him like he was just a statue.

"'Sup, dude?" she sat down cross-legged in front of him.

He didn't move, or sway, or even twitch. He barely even breathed. She looked him over, and thought he was built like an athlete, stocky and muscular. Thick, gray fur covered most of his body. Only his face and the palms of his hands were bare.

His tranquility was something she coveted. "Not a worry in the world, huh?"

Moments eased by during which she also relaxed. She found her eyes growing heavy. There he stands—the great savior—and what does he do? Nothing. I suppose I should just be thankful he saved us, and he is providing a plan of action…. Whatever pessimism had possessed her melted away. In its place sprouted a degree of calmness.

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