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   Chapter 61 No.61

Beyond the End of the World, Lokians 1 By AaronDennis Characters: 5246

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"Normally, we just exchange messages, or maybe a few schematics and cultural or historical information, " Adams explained.

"Sometimes, we exchange certain practices or pieces of functional technology. That's where our training and gear came from, " Franklin continued.

The alien looked them over. "What other races are there?"

Adams and Franklin exchanged a glance. "Our area of expertise is Pseudo Exodermea, what we call Grays, " Adams said, reluctantly.

Franklin gave Adams a dry look, but said, "They came to Earth on and off after their initial crash. It took decades, but we reached amicable terms."

"Not too long ago, we volunteered in an exchange program where five Grays came to The Bureau. The two of us and three other agents went to their ship, " Adams revealed.

"Should we be discussing that, " Franklin asked.

Adams ignored him and went on to say, "We never made it to their place of origin. What they asked of us was too demanding. We underwent some cybernetic surgery and gene therapy. What they wanted were splinter cells. Franklin and I were the only two who refused, so they dumped us in space where we had to be retrieved, " Adams explained, stoically. "That was the end of that for us."

Franklin gave Adams a sideways glance. He chuckled and shook his head. Then, he looked to Sirt and shrugged.

"There are some other races of which we know, but you have to understand, knowing they exist, and knowing of them are two totally different things. I mean, consider what you knew of Humans before you met us, and compare it to what

hine shops, communications…."

"Have you had children?"

"I have not, " she said. "You?"

"No…I wouldn't know where to begin, " he laughed. "Obviously, a little a wining and dining, and then maybe some music and candles to set the mood, but after the act, well…I find my mind wanders. Does that kind of stuff work for you? Does music and ambient lighting arouse Thewlian ladies?"

"Do you mean for friendship or to relieve tension?"

"I think we can do both, " he smiled and touched her wrist.

"Are you suggesting the two of us engage in sexual relations?"

"Have you ever experienced relations with another race?"

"Never, though I assume some may have, " her complexion swirled between purple and greenish.

"So it isn't unheard of…you see I just like to be educated, " he sneered. "I'm just, what do you call it, scientifically curious about what you do during sex."

After a polite silence, she said, "Since you can't read my cues, I'll use my words. Find someone else."

DeReaux laughed, "Maybe you can just tell me."

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